TheMightyWaffle’s GunCus Pack 1.6.4

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TheMightyWaffle’s GunCus Pack 1.6.4

TheMightyWaffle’s GunCus Pack Guns:

  • EFG-745-assault rifle.
  • LPR-303-sniper rifle.
  • Verdetta Mk1-assault pistol.
  • HDR minigun- the name says it all.

Install TheMightyWaffle’s GunCus Pack 1.6.4

  1. download and install GunCus
  2. open minecraft, then close it.
  3. 3open the gunCus folder in .minecraft
  4. extract my ZIP into it
  5. run minecraft
  6. Enjoy!

Download TheMightyWaffle’s GunCus Pack 1.6.4

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