The story of Endermen

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Enderman storyHi!I have a little story here.So in this story I am going to tell you the endermans past.So,lets begin!

Its night…You wander around,searching for monsters to kill and gain experience.So,you see enderman.That black creature with pink eyes and dangerous look.You take a sword and get ready to
attack him.You look at him…and-beam!He turns evil.So what is that indistructable power what turns he evil?Why he acts like that?
You see,back in the first Minecraft days,endermen were passive.Even when you look at them.They just wander aroun the world just like any other animal.And they couldnt pick up blocks.But that was far back in time.
But there were an evil force called The Nightmare.The boss of the Nightmare-Herobrine-watched endermen.He said:Hmmm…A creature like that may help me…If I transfer them into evil,they can collect building materials for me…And also get rid of Steve (The player).So Herobrine wanted to transfer endermen into its servant to join The Nightmare.The Nightmare started to kidnapp as much endermen as they can.Herobrine collected them into the prison,where they can be transfered.
As the time pass,the good force called The Justice found out that Herobrine kidnapped endermen and wanted to transfer them to evil.So the Justice travelled to The Nightmares mansion.The Nightmare were almost ready to transfer endermen to evil-The Nightmare planned to use the Ender spell to do that.
Soon The Justice entered the mansion and went to endermen.They planned to use the anti-ender spell to make endermen passive.The Justice went to the prison where the endermen were captured.And they met The Nightmare.The two forces used their spells to transfer endermen.But the ender spell and the anti-ender spell went wrong.The big smoke appeared.So big that everyone couldnt see anything.
So,after a time the smoke disappeared.And something was missing…Where went the endermen?All gone…
So at the end of the story,The Justice realized that both spells affected endermen.So they became irregular.Only if you look at them,they turn into evil.But usually they are passive.
So after the explosion,endermen teleported away from The Nightmares mansion…And now we all see the irregular endermen.Thanks for reading the story!
Author: derangedimmortal

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