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The School Mod 1.7.10


The School Mod 1.7.10

First Craft a Desk: 

Then Right Click the Desk with a Book to get a notepad. 

Craft the Notepad with 3 Other Items to Create a Textbook, Here are the combinations:
Math Textbook: Pumpkin Pie, Hopper, and a Redstone Comparator
English Textbook: Book, Ink Sack, and a Writeable Book
Geography Textbook: Map, Compass, and a Clock
Science Textbook: Redstone, Poisonous Potato, and Blaze Powder
History Textbook: Stone Block, Bricks, and a Iron Block
Language Textbook: Red Wool, White Wool, and Blue Wool

Sub-Subjects and Extra Items!
Combine on of these Items with a Math Textbook:
Geometry: Stone
Algebra: TNT
Measuring: Stick

Combine on of these Items with a English Textbook:
Writing: Ink Sack
Reading: Book
Grammar: Writable Book

Combine on of these Items with a Geography Textbook:
Caves: Iron Ore
Rivers: Water Bucket
Nether: Netherrack

Combine on of these Items with a Science Textbook:
Biology: Spider Eye
Chemical: Lava Bucket
Physics: Sand

Combine on of these Items with a History Textbook:
Past: Cobblestone
Present: Wooden Plank
Future: Iron Block

Combine on of these Items with a PE Textbook:
Baseball Bat: Log
Gym Shirt: Golden Chestplate
Gym Shorts: Iron Leggings 

Download The School Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


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