The Epicarno Mod 1.8

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Hello! Welcome to The Epicarno Mod for minecraft 1.8. This mod adds a whole new dimension, complete with bosses temples and a whole lot more! In this post I am going to try to explain and show everything but I’m not great at making posts, writing and explaining (so wish me luck).

This is a screenshot of the dimension in all it’s glory. Here is where you will find all the new stuff added with the mod, your normal world will not be changed.

How to get there: Craft a Glowstone Lantern walk into it and some magic stuff happens and your there.
Crating a Glowstone Lanten:

You are given 2 glowstone lanterns, one to get in and one to use to get out.

Dark Temple

Dark Temple Boss


Redrock Temple

Redrock Temple Boss


Ice Temple

Ice Temple Boss


In every temple you will find relic blocks (blue & orange blocks) you can craft all 4 relics found from the temples to create information (used in some crafting).


Soul Stealer

Damage: 25
Uses: 100
Downside: Half your current health taken every hit.

This is the most powerful in the mod. It does 25 damage however it takes half your current health every hit you make with it (if you have full health you would die after 3 hits).

Sword Of The Mystical Inferno

Damage: 14
Uses: 200
Upside: Sets enemy on fire.
Downside: May set you on fire.

Dark Sword

Damage: 14
Uses: 3000
Downside: It’s a heavy sword, it slows you down.

Love & Life Bow (Inc Arrow)

Uses: ???
Damage: 10
Upside: Sets enemy on fire.
Downside: Arrows are invisible.
Crafting Bow:

Crafting Arrow:

Epicarno Staffs

They are staffs, that spawn TNT.
Tier 1: Normal TNT.

Tier 2: Relic TNT.

Teir 3: Relic TNT (more uses).

Standard Tools and Swords


Quite a bit better than other tools, pretty hard to craft.



Bog standard wooden tools, made from Amboyna wood from the Mystical dimension (they are 0.1 worse than stone tools).


Redstone (Ingot)

These are pretty good tools a bit better than iron tools. They are created by smelting a redstone block into an ingot of redstone and using that to craft them.




These tools are fine tools. They are crafted with ruby gems (pretty common).


Really nothing much, these are just like stone tools and bluetack is very common.



Mythril Armour

Simply the best armour, you won’t even feel some of the lower tier mobs. If you want to kill some bosses use this or not.


Epicarno Armour

A fine set of armour crafted from blocks of epicarno, not as good as mythril but still a great set of armour.


Ruby Armour

Nothing wrong with a good old set of ruby armour, however ruby is pretty common so this armour is not the best.


Amboyna & Normal Stick insect

Peaceful: Yes
Cute: Maybe?
Drops: Stick or Amboyna Stick

Lost Soul

Peaceful: Sort of
Drops: Soul
Info: Will talk up to and self destruct, causing no harm to you or the world.

Sand Beast

Peaceful: Nope.
Drops: Sandstone (Meh)
HP: 20 (Ish)
Attack: A bit worse than a zombie and it also confuses and binds you
Note: Avoid if possible.

Eye In The Sky

Peaceful: No
IQ: -175
Attack: It does the best it can to hit you with a snowball, it never does.
Notes: Needs some changes.

Fat Creeper

Peaceful: No
Attack: Blows up (much longer fuse) = about 5 Creepers (give or take)
Notes: Fully orginal mob the blowing up thing was my idea never seen before in minecraft.

NoNeck AKA Redstone Mob

Attack: A bit worse than a zombile
Drop: Redstone Ingot
Notes: Creepy

Ice Mon

Notes: Ice boss buddy.

Dark Mon

Notes: Nightmare’s friend.

Amboyna Trees (Wood)

Main Uses: Amboyna Planks and sticks.

Yellow Clay

Main Use: Yellow Bricks.

Epicarno Sand

Main Use: Epicarno Glass.

Mythril Ore

Main Use: Mythril Stuff/Multi Ingot

Pyrite Ore AKA Fools Gold
(Iron Pyrite if we are going to get it right, we are not)

Main Uses: A lot of random stuff.

Peacock Ore

Main Uses: A few random things.

(Drops gem not block)

Ruby Ore

Main Uses: Ruby Stuff

(Drops gem not block)

Ghost Stone AKA Soul Gem Ore

Main Use: Soul Stealer

(Drops gem not block)

Iron Ore

Main Use: No clue? What even is i-ron?

Blue Tack

Main Use: Tack stuff.

Powerfuel Ore

Main Use: Power Fuel (A Fuel).

(Drops fuel not block, only 1 power fuel if not smelted)

(Aww yeah, add a little crème fraîche)

Pyrite Apple

Nummyness: Fills a bit of food but mainly works like a Golden apple but can give (mainly) good and (minor) bad effects.


Moon Water

Nummyness: Gives a random good potion effect when you drink it.


Full Cans

Nummyness: Very fills a good few hunger things.


(Replace the beef with any cooked food)

Pink Berry

Nummyness: Not that nummy however it is very common.

Dried Pink Berry

Nummyness: Twice the nummyness of a normal pink berry (about one hunger thing).


Pink berry bush (farming)

You will find many pink berry bushes in the mystical dimension that drop a few pink berries. You can simply eat the pink berry or you can farm them. Very simple just right click a pink berry on some epicarno grass to plant it!

Fig 1 Pink Berry Bushes

Spoiler (click to show)
Spoiler (click to show)
All other items/blocks in the mod are mob drops or found in temples and cannot be crafted (or have be covered else where on this post) !

Video by: JerenVids

Video by: castielq

No Adfly I’m making nothing off this.

Install Client
1. Download & install minecraft forge 1.8 version from here.
2. Follow the simple install instructions or google it.
3. Download the Epicarno Mod here (Current lasted version
4. Place the mod in the mods folder (that’s in %appdata% .minecraft).

Install Server

1. Download & install minecraft forge 1.8 version from here.
2. Follow the simple install instructions or google it.
3. Download the Epicarno Mod here (Current lasted version
4. Place the mod in the mods folder of the server.



  • Fixed fire charge (inferno sword)


For 1.8

Old version

Author: 01110111010

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