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Tetris Escape Map for Minecraft 1.7.4, 1.7.2



Climb your way to the top of the tower as sand, gravel, and anvils make a path for you. But as you make your way to the top, you must avoid suffocating in a wall, getting stuck in a hold, or getting crushed by a falling anvil. The first person to make it to the top and press the button wins!

Additional Information:

  • This map can be played solo or with any amount of players
  • After all players die or someone wins, the map can be reset
  • The map will keep track of how many wins each player has after the map is reset
  • Play on any difficulty, play on Minecraft 1.7, enable command blocks, and disable PvP (recommended but not required)
  • Potion effect options to make the map easier or harder
  • Hardcore game mode unlocked after beating normal mode
  • 5 seconds of invincibility when the round starts

Map Screenshots:


Map View 1


Map View 2


Map View 3


Map View 4


Map View 5


Map View 6


Map View 7


Block Spawners


Redstone and Command Block Setup

How to install Tetris Escape Map:

  • Download the map
  • Extract file
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft
  • Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  • Drag map folder into it
  • Start minecraft
  • Enjoy and play

Map Download Links:

For 1.7.2


For 1.7.4


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