Technomancy Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

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Technomancy, as much as you can guess from the name, is based around combing magic and technology in a (hopefully) fun way. A lot of blocks will be added based around the RF power system and using it to perform advanced magical shenanigins. There will be Ars Magica support as well (as soon as I can devise what I’m going to add) but that will be at a later date. Witchery and Blood Magic support are also on the list. There is definitely going to be a plethora of dynamos to power your base in unique strange different ways.

You’ll see this list expand in the future.


  • Essentia Dynamo: Powered by any type of essentia. Each type gives a different fuel value by “category” (Primals have the same fuel value, Human-like aspects have the same values, plants are the same, etc). Essentia can be pumped in to any side and will be drawn from any type of jar regardless of label.
  • Thaumic Dynamo: Uses magical fuel! Inteded to give double fuel values on things like alumentum and different types of wood.
  • Golem Dynamo: A hamster wheel powered by golems! Faster the golem, the more power is produced. May incorporate strength in there somewhere.
  • Node Dynamo: Pulls aura from a node (without breaking it). Nothing but bright nodes will be able to keep up with the aura draw rate.


  • Ecologic Transmuter: Buy supplying a very large amount of power, the Transmuter will terraform a maximum area of 300 blocks to either Tainted Land, Magical Forest, or Eerie biomes. Right Click to toggle the output biome.
  • Essentia Reconstructer/Deconstructer: Deconstructor is similar to the Alembic furnace, but will use power and be much faster. The reconstructor will be able to create blocks/items out of essentia based on the block/items aspects.
  • Quantum Jar: Stores 640 essentia. It will suck any essentia out of jars nearby as long as it has some essentia in it.
  • Golem Cloner: Eventually, you’re going to figure out how to make a golem safely, might as well make it easier. Golem goes in one side, clone comes out the other. Will definitely require as much essentia (maybe more) in the process.
  • Thaumium Beacon: A beacon that changes effects based on the crystal clusters attatched to it. Multiple clusters of the same type will have better effects.
  • Thaumic Computer: Just add power, paper, ink, and some time to create completed research notes. You’ll still have to take them out and right click them.
  • Aura Node Generator: Creates aura nodes using massive amounts of power, Aurum, and taint.
  • Orderly Lamp: Reduces instability in infusion altars by pumping all the flux to another location.
  • Ender Jar: Like an ender chest but with essentia.
  • Eldritch Consumer: Requires massive amounts of power to absorb surround blocks and turn them into essentia.
  • Binding Mannequin: Applies the effects of the armour on the mannequin to the player. Only one mannequin can be bound per player.
  • Anti-Mannequin: Similar to the mannequin but applies debuffs.
  • Essentia Coil: Transmits essentia wirelessly.

Technomancy Mod Changelogs:


  • Added support for Automagy Alchemical Boiler to the Galvanized Bellows
  • Added support for Thaumic Pipes to most Essentia using/producing/storage blocks
  • Technoturges Scepter now displays MFR machine ranges when held
  • Added the ability to use Warded Jars with Quantum Jars in a similar way to Essentia Phials


  • Fix: There is now a proper description on how to use the Node Fabricator.
  • Fix: Blocks now have a proper hardness.
  • Fix: Quantum jars now render essentia properly
  • Change: Coils are cheaper. Like ur mum.
  • Change: Coils store less in their buffer.

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Author: Democretes

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