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Super Mario Time Attack Map 1.8.3/1.8

It’s a Time Attack so you can challenge others with your best time. Explanation: Black Stained Clay / (Purple/Orange) Stained Glass ? Will Kill You >:) Pink Stained Clay ? Will Set Spawn & Give you necessary potion effect 8 world. Each Level has a checkpoint. Screenshots: Let’s Play: How …

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Illuminated Lanes Map 1.8.3/1.8

Illuminated Lanes is a race map that supports up to four players, and is all about beating your competition! Race quickly to see who can be the fastest to reach the end. If playing on a server, command blocks MUST be enabled. Screenshots: Map Showcase: How to install: Download the …

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Slime Runner Map 1.8.1/1.8

This is an awesome new parkour map. Don’t know how the new slime blocks work? Here’s a map about it!!! Play with your Friends in this crazy race (Max 4 Players)! Screenshots: (http://www.9minecraft.net) Click this bar to view the full image. (http://www.9minecraft.net) Click this bar to view the full image. …

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