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Home Stations bukkit plugin 1.7.4

HomeStations offers home <-> spawn teleportation via special “stations”. This is a nice alternative to the common /home plugins, but without the need of commands. A station is a special structure built like shown on the following image (it’s not (yet) customizable): Note, that while a station has to be built like …

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Skript bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

Category : Bukkit plugins Developer : Njolbrim,DemonPenguin,mazius123,MegaNarwhal Compatible : Minecraft 1.6.2, Minecraft 1.6.4 Skript is a plugin that allows you to customize Minecraft’s mechanics with simple scripts written in plain English sentences. You can easily create complex custom commands, triggers that execute effects under certain conditions, and scripts that just run periodically – all without having …

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Tribu bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.2

Category : Bukkit Plugins Developer : graindcafe,Danielzxzx,wiinick,3x3L,HJpower,ldrrp,Wiesel,samp20 Development stage:Release Tags: Fun,Economy,Mechanics,Role Playing Tribu – A Zombie Survival Game What is it ? Tribu is a zombie survival game in which you can set zombie spawns. Zombies will appear wave by wave once the game is started. You have to kill them! Each kill …

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Menu Service bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.2

Category : Bukkit Plugins Developer : m0pt0pmatt,MaienM,RMMontage,H2NCH2COOH,kcaps. Development stage:Beta Tags: Admin Tools, Developer Tools, Informational, Mechanics Date created: Jan 22, 2013 General Description MenuService is a plugin and API which allows plugins to create and use complex menu systems. Status Update Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete every feature for the first release of …

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