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AntiPVPGamemode Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4

AntiPVPGamemode Plugin 1.7.2 AntiPvPGamemode instantly changes any player who is in creative gamemode into survival if they tag another player using potions, swords, bow and arrows ect…) Features The plugin contains many features: Arrows support Swords Potions Permission Nodes Bug free Easy To Use And More! Video: Installation AntiPVPGamemode Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4 Download …

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Arrows + Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.2

Arrows + Plugin 1.7.2 This plugin is a plugin where you get alot of NEW cool features for your bow and arrows! Like, exploding arrows, lightning arrows, slowness arrows, poison arrows, EVEN FIREWORK ARROWS!!! Features Exploding Arrows Lightning Arrows Slowness Arrows Poison Arrows Firework Arrows Commands /arrowsplus will tell you …

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PiggyPilot Plugin 1.7.2

PiggyPilot Plugin 1.7.2 Pigs are boring. Wait, nevermind, pigs are awesome. But this plugin (which is coming soon to Single Player!) makes it even more awesome! Pigs can fly! This plugin requires NO commands at all! There is a bit of configuration, but that is not necessary. How To Fly The …

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MultiCurrency Plugin 1.7.2

MultiCurrency Plugin 1.7.2 MultiCurrency allows you to pay each other in different currencies, earn different currencies, convert an item into currency, create currencies, remove currencies and exchange from one currency to another, and to change the exchange rate that this goes at! Such a nifty set-up! NOTE: This is originally …

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Bleed Plugin 1.7.2

Have you ever wanted to add Blood into minecraft? Then download and install this plugin today! It makes it so when you are hurt blood comes out which is special block particles being broken and spawning in on your character resembling the affect of blood! It has been updated to …

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AudioChat Plugin 1.7.2

AudioChat Plugin 1.7.2 In this plugin you are able to change the radius in which you hear sounds from chat. default onPlayerJoin is 9999999 (global) ToDo List: – Add configurable sounds, maybe with a command? hmm? 😛 – Add a /soundcheck command – Add a /chatsound toggle command – Any …

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