Sword Art Online UI-Mod 1.8/1.7.10

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Sword Art Online UI-Mod

The mod will add some changes:

  1. The inventory is devided in different parts: (Weapons, Equipment, Accessories, Items)
  2. The health will be shown as a health-bar with different colors.. (green = full … red = low)
  3. All entities will render their health as a round health-bar..
  4. The Main-Menu shows information about the players..
  5. You are able to add other players to your party or your friend-list (only if they have installed this mod too, but no support needed by server)
  6. You can look at a Dungeon-Map and a Field-Map in your menu..
  7. The achievements are listed in a Quest-List..
  8. You will receive private messages in a window-form..
  9. If there is any problem with this UI you can also open the default inventory or the default main-menu…


Please download and install MinecraftForge and put the ‘.jar’-file of this mod into your ‘mods’-folder in your ‘.minecraft’-folder to install this mod. If you made everything correct you can see, after launching your MinecraftForge-Profile, that this mod is in your ‘Mods’-list…

Download Sword Art Online UI-Mod

For 1.8


For 1.7.10


Author: TheJackiMonster

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