SuperPotions Plugin 1.6.4/1.6.2

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SuperPotions Plugin 1.6.4

Give players potion effects with simple commands. Including custom effects! Now supports creating potions too! SuperPotions allows you to give yourself, others, or the whole server potion effects. SuperPotions has 23 different effects (All of them!) to choose from! With SuperPotions, you can give potion effects with a custom level and duration! Plus, you can remove potion effects in case you create a magical disaster or just want a fresh start.

Included potion effects are: blindness, confusion, resistance, haste, fireresistance, hunger, strength, jump, poison, regen, slow, fatigue, speed, breathing, weakness, heal, harm, invisibility, nightvision, wither, absorption, healthboost, saturation.

In order to use economy support, you must have vault. Also make sure to delete old config files!


  • Use commands to give any player a potion effect with a custom duration and level
  • Give players custom potions
  • Give every player on the server the same effect with one command
  • Remove all potion effects from a player
  • Set maximum duration and level for effects
  • Updating system with H31ix’s Updater
  • Now supports console and Command Block usage!!!
  • Potion kits!!! NEW!
  • Economy support!!! NEW!
  • Ambient support


  • /potion – Base command (Also you can use the sp, or pe aliases), shows you the help page.
  • /potion effect <Effect Type> <Duration(seconds)> <Level> [Player] – Apply a custom potion effect to yourself or another player.
  • /potion create <Effect Type> <Duration(seconds)> <Level> <Splash(true/false)> [player]– Gives a custom potion to yourself or another player.
  • /potion add <Effect Type> <Duration(seconds)> <Level> – Add a custom effect to a potion.
  • /potion kit (kitname) – Will show available kits and purchase if given a kit name.
  • /potion all <Effect Type> <Duration(seconds)> <Level> (radius) – Apply a custom potion effect to all the server players or within a specified radius.
  • /potion removeall [Player] – Removes all potion effects from you or another player.
  • /potion list – Lists all the possible potion effects a user can choose from.
  • /potion maxtime [seconds] – Sets/Displays the max duration of potion effects.
  • /potion maxlevel [level] – Sets/Displays the max level of potion effects.
  • /potion replaceeffects [true/false] – Sets/Displays whether commands will overwrite current effects.
  • potion ambient [true/false] – Sets/Displays whether potion effect particles are transparent.
  • /potion messages [true/false] – Sets/Displays whether to send messages to players.
  • /potion reload – Reloads the config.
  • /potion update – Downloads the newest plugin version.


  • – Permission to use /potion, this is needed for all commands!
  • superpotions.effect – Permission to use /potion effect and /potion list commands.
  • superpotions.effect.others – Permission to give effects to other players.
  • superpotions.create – Permission to use /potion create, /potion add, and /potion list commands.
  • superpotions.create.others – Permission to give other people custom potions.
  • superpotions.kits – Permission to use the /potion kit command.
  • superpotions.removeall – Permission to use the /potion removeall command.
  • superpotions.removeall.others – Permission to remove all potion effects from other players.
  • superpotions.all – Permission to use the /potion all command.
  • superpotions.config – Permisson to use config editing commands.
  • superpotions.update – Permission to update plugin to newest version.

Permission Groups

  • superpotions.admin – Gives access to all SuperPotions commands!
    • superpotions.effect
    • superpotions.effect.others
    • superpotions.create
    • superpotions.create.others
    • superpotions.kits
    • superpotions.removeall
    • superpotions.removeall.others
    • superpotions.all
    • superpotions.config
    • superpotions.update
  • superpotions.self – Gives access to all commands affecting the command sender (Can only give effects to themselves).
    • superpotions.effect
    • superpotions.create
    • superpotions.kits
    • superpotions.removeall

Change Log

  • v211
    • Added ambient capabilities
    • Updated to Updater 2.0

Download SuperPotions Plugin 1.6.4/1.6.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Credits: flaminyogurt

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