SuperMiner Mod 1.7.10

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SuperMiner is a collection of mods that have been developed to make mining and harvesting blocks easier…

SuperMiner mods List:

    • Core – The Core mod that is required to run all of the SuperMiner mods.
    • Captivator – Automatically pickup items and XP orbs. [Magnet mode]
Captivator is a magnet mode mod that not only picks up items within a specified range but will also pick up any XP Orbs as well.
The magnetic range is defaulted to a 16 block radius of the player in both horizontal and vertical axis. The range is user definable.


  • Automatically picks up Items.
  • Automatically picks up XP Orbs.
  • Customizable Horizontal radius.
  • Customizable Horizontal radius.
    • Excavator – Digs a big hole by breaking connected blocks, of the same type, within the specified range.
Excavator allows you to dig/mine big holes by breaking a single block.
All blocks of the same type will be mined within the specified range. This range is user definable to allow you to fine tune the amount of land you want to harvest.
You are required to hold down a key while mining in order for it to work. Default button is the Grave key – ‘ `
There is a Tools list that can be defined so that you can restrict Excavator to only work with the specified tool(s). It is defaulted to an empty list, which allows all tools and items in your hand or just your hand.
If Lumbinator and/or Veinator are present Excavator will ignore all Blocks that have been defined within their respective Block lists.
  • Customizable Tools list.
  • Customizable Blocks list.
  • Customizable block limit.
  • Customizable block radius.
  • Ignores Lumbinator and/or Veinator blocks, if mod is present.
    • Lumbinator – Chop down an entire tree.
Lumbinator allows you to chop down an entire tree just like you would in real life.
You can define whether or not the whole tree will be chopped down when chopping it higher than the bottom block. Default is no, which will leave any blocks below the chopping point.
  • Customizable Tools list.
  • Customizable Wood blocks list.
  • Customizable Leaf blocks list.
    • Veinator – Mine an entire vein of ore.
Veinator allows you to mine entire veins of ore. It works on the same principle as VienMiner.
  • Customizable Tools list.
  • Customizable Ore blocks list.
  • Customizable block limit.
  • Customizable block radius.

Install SuperMiner Mod

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the required SuperMiner Mod files. (Ensure you have the SuperMiner Core)
  3. Place the mod jar files into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  4. Start Minecraft.
  5. NOTE: The SuperMiner Mods must be installed on both Client and Server in order to work if you are running a server.

Download SuperMiner Mod

For 1.7.10

SuperMiner Captivator

SuperMiner Excavator

SuperMiner Lumbinator

SuperMiner Veinator

Author: DuelMonster

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