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Summon Helper Mod 1.7.4


Summon Helper Mod 1.7.4

Summon Helper Beta 1.6

Activate JavaScript!
Just tested with Google Chrome, other browser might have some visual bugs. Please report.
Just “Mobs” are working at the moment
This is just an early version. You can help me by reporting bugs. Just simply write down your Browser (Version is optional) and the bug.

To-Do for Mobs:

  1. Finish every mob extra tag
  2. Add Attributes
  3. Make an “X” Button instead of “Cancel”
  4. Ability to change head equipment to a block
  5. Fix the Halfheart visual glitch
  6. Add riding function
  7. 7.Ability to send the exact same settings of a mob to your friends

Download Summon Helper Mod 1.7.4

For 1.7.4


Author: SutrangSUcher

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