Stratosphere Survival Map for Minecraft 1.6.2

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You were sent here with a simple goal, to find the location of former agent 843.

He was sent undercover to work in the Stratosphere Facility, as a simple “Warden”.

But in the Stratosphere, Nothing is as it seems. The entire area is used as a tourist destination. But, once, each of the islands were connected to earth, until a cataclysmic event placed them in their current position. The plane is scheduled to land on 3 of the islands, and is approaching the first.

Your mission is simple, wait until the plane passes over the Jungle Of Secrets, and escape.

The facility lies deep inside the island, and was the last known location of 843 before contact was lost.

You close you briefcase, and look anxiously out of the window. The plane is approaching the first stop.

A voice booms over the loudspeaker “Welcome to the Stratosphere. Islets from the world, suspended in pure calm and relaxation. If you look to your left you will see the Isle of Frost, one of our main attracti-” The voice cuts out mid-sentence and anxious chatter fills the plane “Holy S*** the left engine’s ON FIRE” Several mortal screams come from the front of the plane. You jump up from your seat and walk towards the crowd of people, out the window to the left is an entire plane wing engulfed in vivid flames. You sprint to the front of the plane, the captain is lying dead on the plane controls, and a solitary light is flashing blood red to the right of the dashboard. You press several buttons in anxious haste, nothing happens. As you lean over to see out the front window, you suddenly realise the plane is heading directly towards earth, screams of death and cries of woe come from the passenger area, you have no choice but to save yourself. Your human instinct takes hold of you, you feel yourself take a fire extinguisher from the wall, with it you smash the front window; leaving a jagged hole to escape.Several booming explosions come from the rear of the plane, your pulse raises as you place your left hand on the dashboard. Fire wraps around you as you vault out the gap, you turn, and see the plane engulfed in flames.

As you land on the soft grass, a shattering explosion rips through the air. Fire and debris rains around you, a sea of flame. Large amounts of burning flesh and clothing float like feathers in the morning breeze. A sudden sense of calm overwhelms you, your breathing slows, your pulse halts. You sit. And think. Welcome to the Stratosphere.




  • Find 3 temples Get to the nether
  • Discover notchs true intentions
  • Get 15 diamonds
  • Complete the volcano maze
  • Beat the grassland dungeons (the starting isle)
  • Pray to the lord of fire, the god of ice, and the creator
  • Kill the ender dragon
  • Find the village of the damned
  • Find the diamond block of the damned
  • Explore the sewers
  • Find a strip club
  • Complete your mission, and follow the tracks of agent 843 to his last know location
  • Restore The Fortress Of Flame to its former glory (Clean all the cobwebs)


  • Get 64 melon BLOCKS
  • Get 64 Jack’o’lanterns
  • Make 128 bread
  • Make a Slime Farm (Hint: Mojang are very close friends of the slimes)
  • Make a mob spawner/ exp farm
  • Make an AUTOMATIC mushroom farm (Harvested by pressing a button)


  • Make a nether portal
  • Make an enchantment table
  • Get a silk touch pick, of any type of pickaxe
  • Make 5 eye of enders Make AT LEAST 5 different potions
  • Make a cake
  • Make an iron block
  • Make a gold block
  • Make something cool with redstone
  • Make 5 magma cream
  • Build your own house with the testificates
  • Connect to all the islands
  • Make a rail link to at least one island
  • Make 5 iron golems

Download Stratosphere Survival Map 

For 1.6.2

Credits: haders


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