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Stealth Blocks Mod 1.7.10


Stealth Blocks mod 1.7.10


Welcome to the mod where now you can Hide your base, Hide your traps and much more!

This mod includes: ~All require stone pick or higher to break except Ladder and Redstone

-Many different forms of Stealth Glass. Hide from your foes while still watching them!

-Many different forms of Stealth Levers and Buttons which act the same as Buttons/Levers except are full blocks!

-Invisible redstone! Particles still appear (Don’t mix with normal redstone, may come with unexpected results)

-Invisible Ladders!

-Invisible Block! When you power it, it appears!

-Speedy Gonzala boots, For all your speedy needs (Gives you Speed 2 effect)

-Many different forms of Stealth Doors aswell as Trap doors, Enter your house with Style!

Crafting recipes!

Invisible redstone: (Any invis potion)

Invisible Wall: (Any invis potion)

ALL STEALTH GLASS (Excluding side block versions of logs) (i.e Just change the stone to something else for a different version)

Stealth glass Log side version: (Change to different logs for different side log version)

All Stealth Trap doors: (I.e just change the stone to something else for a different trap door!)

Speedy Gonzala boots!: (Potion is either splash or Normal of Swiftness potion)

Stealth Button block: (Just change stone to get different block type!)

Stealth Door: (Just change stone to get a different type)

Invisible Ladder: (Any invis potion)

Stealth Lever block: (Just change from stone to something else for a different version)

Stealth Pressure plate: (Any invis potion)

Just drop it into your mods folder after you have installed Forge Preferably 1.7.10


All Stealth Trap doors:

All stealth doors:

Invisible block being visible and Invisible pressure plate:

Bounding box on Invisible pressure plate:

Bounding box on Invisible Ladder

Bounding box on Invisible redstone and the particles ;)

Stealth Glass example:

All Stealth Glass types:

Planned Features:

Stealth Trip wire + trip wire hook

Stealth Crafting table and Furnace

Stealth Chest

Download Stealth Blocks mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10



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