StarWars Mod 1.6.4/1.5.2/1.4.7

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StarWars Mod 1.6.4


The Star Wars Mod mixes the incredible universe of the Star Wars saga with the limitless possibilities of the famous sandbox game Minecraft. Minecraft gives you the ability to make what you want; this mod extends its functions. The mod involves players choosing a faction (for example Jedi, Sith etc.) and trying to become the most powerful being in the universe. The player can find new ores underground, craft weapons like lightsabers and blasters, level up, unlock special equipment and force powers, kill enemies (different for each faction), buy things from the virtual shop and local markets, visit new planets (such as Tatooine, Coruscant etc.) and create bases thanks to Minecraft’s code.


More information:


Armor,Weapons and Health


Installation StarWars Mod

Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed

  • 1) Click Start and write in the search bar: %appdata%
  • 2) Go into .minecraft
  • 3) Go into bin and open minecraft.jar with a software like WinZIP
  • 4) Delete the “META-INF” folder inside minecraft.jar
  • 5) Open the directory called “PUT in minecraft.jar” of the StarWars mod (this directory should be in this ZIP file)
  • 6) Select all the files (and directories) and drag them into minecraft.jar
  • 7) Open the directory called “PUT in .minecraft” and drag all the files (and directories) into your .minecraft folder
  • 8) Launch Minecraft and try all the new features of this awesome mod!


v1.1.3b (MC 1.6.4/MC 1.7):

  • Added Droidekas (AI, models, stats, energy shield, blasters, code faster).
  • Added Elecricity FX (for many future things).
  • Added Magnaguard’s staff (model, purple electricity in both ends, sounds).
  • Added Magnaguards (AI, model, super flipped jumps, new defensive position, stats, sounds).
  • Added much useful code for next updates and upcoming new Force powers.
  • Added 2 boss mobs: Kit Fisto and Savage opress (you will find them randomly into the game)
  • Added level up sound!
  • Fixed sounds when you turn ON/OFF the lightsabers.
  • Fixed sound when you attack a jedi/sith who is defending.
  • Fixed lightsabers names.
  • Added spawn eggs for Magnaguards and Droidekas.
  • Minor fixes.

Prerelease 1.1.3a (MC 1.6.4)

  • Completely recoding of the whole code of the mod (faster and better).
  • No one of vanilla files has been edited: the SW mod is compatible 100% with all others (Optifine included)!
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer!
  • Added new 14 decorative blocks (metalships blocks!).
  • Added all old blocks.
  • Added player custom health (100), energy, faction, credits.
  • Added the HUD elements that show every new stat of the player.
  • Added the 5 player factions: Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Clone and Droid (join one of them pressing “V”).
  • Added all single and double standard lightsabers.
  • Added all the guns and pistols.
  • Added almost all old items.
  • Added duel-wielding ability (in 1st person too!).
  • Added special player arms for holding the blasters.
  • Added custom defensive position.
  • If player is jedi or sith can deflect laser beams with the lightsaber.
  • If player is Hunter, Clone or Droid, he has a better accuracy value for shooting.
  • Added the first power for Jedi, Sith and Bounty Hunter (throwing lightsaber and cloacking).
  • Added ores and crystals.
  • Added 4 basic lightsaber fighting forms (different fighting styles!).
  • Added B1 battledroids.
  • Added superdroid.
  • Added clonetroopers.
  • Added generic jedi and sith (they can use force powers).
  • Added civilians.
  • Added force super jump (SNEAK+JUMP).
  • Added clone armor (special HUD effect for the helmet, available only in creative).
  • Added suffering FX when the player is hit.
  • You can’t do melee attacks if you are suffering.
  • Added levels system.
  • Added exp and credits from killed mobs.
  • Added improved special powers system.
  • Added all the packet system between server and clients.
  • Added all the base code.

Download StarWars Mod

For 1.6.4

Old version

For 1.5.2!Cxgw3bxI!cYx1WiZz3MeyAEavRAkUjzTOwaQSXo8glBPIyWK7gxs

For 1.5.1!5sUT3Dhb!EfdWTEiTeRaeOepueu3l4neGJdBoYwOZ_40VUkyMLKY

For 1.4.7


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