Staircraft Mod 1.7.10

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Staircraft Mod 1.7.10

For ID-Update 

Download: ID Update for 1.7 Staircraft
Put the Mod in the ModFolder in Minecraft 1.6.4 for ID-Update.. and start your SaveGame close and have un in 1.7.10. 

(( Dont forget to delete the
Otherwise you lose all Stairs in 1.7.10

Last News:

Update to 1.7.10 

New Stairs:

PackedIceStair, StainedGlassStair_all, AcaciaLogStair, DarkOakLogStair, AcaciaLeavesStair, DarkOakLeavesStair, PodzolStair, RedSandStair. 

All Stairs have the same hardness, resistance or are flammable such as the Blocks from which they were created.

The Recipe:

BookShelfStair, WoolStair_ALL, HayStair, StainedGlassStair_ALL, GlassStair, GlowStoneStair, GrassStair, IceStair, PackedIceStair, DiamondStair, EmeraldStair, GoldStair, SteelStair, LeavesStair_ALL, LogStair_ALL, MyceliumStair, RedstoneStair, DirtStair, PodzolStair, RedSandStair, SoulSandStair, GravelStair, SandStair, SnowStair, LapisStair, CobblestoneMossyStair, NetherrackStair, ObsidianStair, EndstoneStair, HardClayStair, CoalStair, MushroomCapBrownStair, MushroomCapRedStair.


CleanStoneStair, QuartzChiseledStair, QuartzLinesStair, StoneBrickMossyStair, StoneBrickCrackedStair, StoneBrickChiseledStair, ChiseledSandstoneStair, SmoothSandstoneStair. 


Download Staircraft Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: Blubbeltasche

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