SpectralGuns Mod 1.8

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SpectralGuns Mod

SpectralGuns is a mod that brings you unique, fun guns to enchance your gameplay.

The mod allows you to make a huge variety of guns, out of different parts for the guns. You can craft guns with the different required materials; Magazine, Trigger and Barrel. There is different materials for each of the items, better materials makes the gun better. Magazines lets you fire different projectiles; currently there is snowballs, fireballs and food. The triggers decreases delay, fire rate and recoils. Barrels does less friction, and spreads the projectiles more.
Additionally, you can add scopes to the guns, which allows you to zoom in.


shapeless recipe. use any components you like. make sure you have one magazine, one barrel and one trigger mechanism, and keep in mind that some components are not copatible with some other components or materials. currently you use the normal crafting table, but we’re planning on adding our own gun customization table that will also allow you to detatch parts of your gun and switch them with others. hold ‘R’ to reload, and hold ‘Z’ to aim (keys are rebindable).

Crafting Items

Iron Nuggets
for crafting. like gold nuggets, same recipes, same stuff, but replace gold with iron.
valueable gem; used in recipes for red lasers. can be turned into blocks with 3×3, and turned back from blocks. found in ruby ore (sadly, we have not managed to make it generate naturally yet). can do the same stuff as emeralds, except more red and less green (and also not for trading with villagers). 😛
used in various recipes
crafted with a stone button in the middle, and surround it with either 4 wooden planks, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds.
used in magazine recipes
an iron trapdor in the top, obsidian in the corners and in the bottom, and glass panes in the sides
G  G
used for crafting optics (scopes, lasers and such)
crafted with glass panes
used for crafting optics. glass panes again:
used for crafting. two iron ingots in the top and bottom, two concave lenses on the sides, and a convex lens in the middle.
L l L
Laser Diodes
used for crafting. comes in two colors, green (emerald) and red (ruby) (more colors may get added in the future). the weak one is made with two iron ingots in the top-left and bottom-left corners, iron pressure plates in the top and bottom, a piece of redstone dust in the top-right, a piece of glowstone dust in the right, a comparator in the bottom right, an eyepiece in the left, and your gem of choice in the middle
i p  r
e G g
i p c
the strong ones use block versions of the redstone and glowstone dust, and the pressure plates are gold instead of iron
awesome throwable weapon, and upcoming gun projectile in a newer update. crafted using four iron ingots in the corners and an iron nugget in the middle. hold and release right click to throw. holding longer will throw it with more force. charging it 100% will make it crit. you can pick them up again once thrown and it will get stuck in the block it hit. does a pretty good amount of damage (not measured yet. sorry.).
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Install SpectralGuns Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Go to %appdata%.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “modsfolder does not exist you can create one.
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  7. Enjoy the mod.

Download SpectralGuns Mod

For 1.8


Author:  team_spectral

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