SmeltCycle Mod 1.8

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SmeltCycle is a Minecraft Forge mod that allows you to smelt all tools, armor and weapons made of iron, gold or diamond back into parts.

Because being able to recycle things makes it a LOT easier to access precious minerals (especially when you consider that villagers sell some of these things), you may only smelt undamaged items, you don’t get any experience from smelting them and you get less “return for smelt” the higher the item you are smelting.

Hopefully its self evident, but you require the ForgeModLoader to run this.

A table of return values is below.  As of SmeltCycle 2.0 you can customize (or entirely replace) this with your own smelting recipes by the use of /smeltcycle add and /smeltcycle remove


Sword 1 iron ingot
Axe 2 iron ingots
Hoe 1 iron ingot
Horse Armor 4 iron ingots
Pickaxe 2 iron ingots
Shovel 1 iron ingot
Boots 3 iron ingots
Chestplate 6 iron ingots
Helmet 3 iron ingots
Leggings 5 iron ingots
Shears 1 iron ingot
Bucket 2 iron ingots
Cauldron 2 iron ingots
Minecart 4 iron ingots
Iron Door 2 iron ingots
Iron Bars 4 iron ingots
Hopper 3 iron ingots
Sword 13 gold nuggets
Axe 17 gold nuggets
Hoe 13 gold nugget
Horse Armor 36 gold nuggets
Pickaxe 17 gold nuggets
Shovel 6 gold nugget
Boots 30 gold nuggets
Chestplate 47 gold nuggets
Helmet 47 gold nuggets
Leggings 42 gold nuggets
Sword 1 diamond
Axe 1 diamond
Hoe 1 diamond
Horse Armor 4 diamonds
Pickaxe 1 diamonds
Shovel 1 diamond
Boots 2 diamonds
Chestplate 3 diamonds
Helmet 2 diamonds
Leggings 3 diamonds

SmeltCycle Mod

For 1.8

Author: QueenNuffer

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