SimpleOres Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1

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SimpleOres is a relatively small mod in that it doesn’t completely overhaul the Minecraft experience, add any new realms, add any form of currency, add any mobs or NPC’s, or anything like that. All it does is add five new ores to the game. That might not seem like much, in-fact you might be thinking to yourself right now “Why would I use this ore mod when I could be using one like Metallurgy, that adds LOADS of ores.” Well, the simple answer to that is balancing. SimpleOres may only add five ores, but each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Each ore is unique, with many hours put into finely balancing them so that they feel like a perfect extension of the vanilla Minecraft ores. Don’t be fooled, five new ores adds a whole lot to the game, leaving you feeling like they should have always been in Minecraft.

All the recipes follow the normal Minecraft style.

The Ores:

Copper Ore

Copper is an abundant ore found everywhere in the normal world. Copper can be found at any height, in large veins, making it an easy resource to obtain early in the game.

Because it is so easy to obtain, copper armour and tools are easy to make, providing a slightly better alternative to using stone tools early in the game. Copper tools both have more uses and are faster than stone (don’t expect to ACTUALLY be able to see how much faster, but they ARE faster), yet have pretty much the same enchantability as stone, making them unworthy to enchant.

Copper armour is much weaker than that of iron, being only slightly stronger than leather armour. However, because copper is generally easier to obtain in large amounts than leather is, and along with its slight defence boost, copper armour is somewhat better than leather armour.

Copper buckets provide an earlier method of moving your water sources. Made in the same fashion as normal iron buckets, the copper bucket can be made from those bountiful supplies of copper ore/ingots that you are bound to have. One thing is for sure, you will quickly learn to not try collecting lava with it!

Silver Ore

Silver ore is rarer than copper ore, and you must search deeper in the ground to find it, although it can generate in decent sized veins. Silver is an odd ore, with its practicality being similar to that of gold due to its strength, speed and enchantability.

Silver tools may have a low number of uses, and the same speed as diamond tools, but they can only mine the same blocks as iron tools can. However, silver tools have a very high enchantability, even higher than that of gold, making them worthwhile if you enchant them.

Silver armour has the same strength as that of iron, along with a very very high enchantability, meaning that if you can get it, use it. If you can’t get enough ore to make the armour AND the tools, it is usually a good idea to make tools from iron and armour from silver, unless you plan on enchanting your tools.

Mythril Ore

Mythril ore is a rare-ish ore found near the bottom layers of the world, usually in small veins. Mythril is, in many ways, a more common form of diamond.

Mythril tools are the same as those of diamond in all ways except for number of uses, as they only have about half the number of uses as diamond tools. Enchantability and speed are equal to diamond tools, however mythril cannot mine Obsidian.

Mythril armour bridges the very large gap between the defence of iron armour and diamond armour, providing defence somewhere between the two.

Adamantium Ore

Adamantium ore is rarer than mythril, being quite a difficult resource to gather. Adamantium, though, is reasonably strong, but is very fast. Its downside is a very low enchantability.

Adamantium tools have a very very low enchantability. However, to compensate for this, the tools are EXTREMELY fast, yet they have a lower number of uses than diamond (about 250 less uses). Like mythril, adamantium tools cannot mine obsidian, meaning you must still acquire diamond tools in order to travel to the nether.

Adamantium armour provides the same defence as diamond armour, allowing you to use your diamonds for things other than armour, however, like the tools, the armour has a very low enchantability. If you plan on enchanting high level armour, go with diamond or onyx.

Onyx Ore

Onyx ore is the rarest ore in Minecraft, only generating in the nether. To make it even harder to find, the ore blends in with netherrack, making it both rare and difficult to spot.

Onyx tools are the epitome of efficiency. With double the number of uses as diamond, a slightly higher enchantability, and even being slightly faster, onyx tools are well worth your while – if you can get your hands on them.

Onyx armour is likewise very strong, offering higher defence than diamond armour, at the price of a lower enchantability. If you spend enough time in the nether to get so much onyx ore, you will become an extremely powerful mob slayer

Finally, here is a table comparing all the ores. There is an error, however, as the defense of Gold and Diamond armor should be swapped over, my mistake. Enjoy, and I hope it clears up any questions you might have had


  • Make sure you are running the new Launcher
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download the SimpleOres zip from above. Do not extract it.
  • Double click on the MinecraftForge installer, and when it loads, make sure the “Install Client” radial is checked, and your Minecraft path is correct, and then click OK, then OK again.
  • Start the Minecraft Launcher, and log in. Down the bottom left of the window, click the Profile drop down box and select “Forge”. Click “Play”.
  • Once you get to the Minecraft menu, close the game. Now go to “%appdata%/.minecraft” and copy the SimpleOres zip into the mods folder.
  • You’re done! Just load up the game again, make sure Forge is still the selected profile, and you should be good!


All the ID’s used by Netherrocks, including Block ID’s, Item ID’s, Achievement ID’s and the spawn rates and vein sizes of these ores. Follow the instructions in the spoiler below to change these ID’s, remember that if you have a save game with items and blocks, changing the ID’s of those items/blocks will cause them to disappear.

  • Run Minecraft at least once with Netherrocks installed, then close it.
  • Navigate to your .minecraft folder and open the config folder, and then the Netherrocks folder (“%appdata%\.minecraft\config\Netherrocks”).
  • Open config.txt with any text editor (although I recommend Notepad++)
  • Search for the category of the ID you want to change. For example, ore blocks are under “ore blocks”, pickaxes are under “pickaxes”, and spawn rates are under “spawn rates”. It’s all fairly straight forward.
  • Find the thing you want to change the ID of, for example Copper-Block, and change the number at the end of it. Block ID’s cannot be greater than 4096, while item ID’s should not be greater than about 28000 (I think).
  • Save the document, and open Minecraft again. If all goes well, you should be able to play like normal.



  • Updated to 1.6.2
  • Added the Fusion Furnace.
  • Added 3 new alloys and their respective items and blocks.
  • Replaced Silver with Tin.
  • Added Copper, Tin, Mythril, Adamantium and Onyx bars, like Iron Bars, but with different blast resistances.
  • Added Copper and Onyx doors.
  • Added Tin, Adamantium and Onyx shears.
  • Removed Silver bow, and added Sinisite and Thyrium bows, with their rods.
  • Added 2 new achievements, and removed an old one.
  • Added the Settings.cfg file. This is where spawn rate, spawn heigh, vein size and any other toggles can be configured.
  • Improved localisation.lang file. Achievement names and descriptions can now be translated too.
  • All items and blocks can now be moved to a single Creative Tab with one of the Settings toggles.
  • Reduced the loot spawn rate, and total number of SimpleOres lootable items, so they don’t overpower vanilla ones.
  • Furnaces now have the right little icon.
  • Tools can now be repaired properly.
  • Tweaked a lot of balancing settings, such as ore spawn rates, armor and tool strengths, speeds and enchantability. The mod should (hopefully) be even more balanced now.
  • Much neater code, and now open source. Most of it is commented to explain what it does. This was a large step for me, and has really improved my skill and understanding of modding.

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: AleXndrTheGr8st

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