Simple Lantern Mod 1.7.10

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Simple Lantern Mod


The idea behind this mod that there is no lantern mod for 1.7.10+ that uses fuel!
The mod adds 2 new item to the game. A lantern and its fuel. There is nothing complicated about it, so its realy easy to use the lantern. Have fun!


Changable settings:

  • Lantern light value
  • Fuel capacities
  • Lantern fuel requirement


Just simple lanternm but it hase multiple features!
It requires fuel in survival! A full lantern will last 30 minutes(default).
To light it up right click with it.
To place it down or pick it up SHIFT+Right click. When its placed right click to turn it on/off.
To turn on the reflection mode SHIFT+Right click on air. Reflection only works with held lanterns!
You can place a lit lantern on your leggings armor slot to carry it without holding it.
Its that simple!

Coal fuel:

This is the fuel for the lantern!
By default: 1 bottle adds 10 minutes to the lantern!

Crafting Recipes:


Coal fuel:

Lantern refuel:

Bugs and crash report:

If you found any bug please report it in a comment!
If you got a crash by THIS mods please send me the crash report in a SPOILER tag!


Install Forge(recommended ver).
Drop the mod to the mods folder and you are done.

Download Simple Lantern Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Killerfox98

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