Simple Flight Mod 1.7.2

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Simple Flight Mod 1.7.2

Simple Flight isn’t your average, wimpy flight mod that lets you creative fly in survival mode — No, Simple Flight is HARDCORE, brah. You take fall damage if you aren’t wearing glide-enabled wings, you only get a limited amount of flaps per flight, and there is a cooldown period between flaps.

Good luck. You’ll be needing it.

REQUIRES MINECRAFT FORGE TO RUN. Simply drop the latest Simple Flight .jar file into your mods folder to install.

 How To: Fly

Hover over your Wings item. It should say Max Flaps followed by a number. that number is the amount of flaps you can get in per flight before you’ll either glide, or drop to the ground like a drunken rock.

You must first wear the wings in place of a chestplate. Jump or walk of some sort of ledge and when in the air, you just have to press the JUMP key (spacebar by default) in order to flap your wings – It’s that simple!

Just watch out for the fall damage, or your first few landings might end up a bit messy.

How To: Craft

Leather Glider

  • Stick, Stick, blank
  • Leather, Stick, Stick
  • Stick, Leather, Stick

Leather Wings

  • Stick, Stick, Stick
  • Leather, Leather Chestplate, Leather
  • Stick, blank, Stick

Quick Feather Wings

  • Feather, blank, Feather
  • Feather, Feather, Feather
  • Feather, Gold Chestplate, Feather

Heavy Feather Wings

  • Feather, blank, Feather
  • Feather, Feather, Feather
  • Feather, Iron Chestplate, Feather

Quick Leather Wings

  • Leather, blank, Leather
  • Gold Ingot, Leather, Gold Ingot
  • Leather, Gold Chestplate, Leather

Heavy Leather Wings

  • Leather, blank, Leather
  • Iron Ingot, Leather, Iron Ingot
  • Leather, Iron Chestplate, Leather


  • Iron Ingot, blank, Iron Ingot
  • Blaze Powder, Iron Chestplate, Blaze Powder
  • Iron Ingot, blank, Iron Ingot


  • Iron Ingot, blank, Iron Ingot
  • Leather, Jetpack, Leather
  • Leather, Leather, Leather

Known Caveats

  • FIXED in 0.2: When rendered entities are wearing wings/gliders, the game lags significantly.

To Do

  • Armor textures when worn. Added basic armor textures in 0.2
  • Custom wing models.
  • Animated custom wing models.
  • Flapping sound for wings.
  • Particles and appropriate sounds for jetpacks.
  • Damage wings on use.

Download Simple Flight Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: _Antihero_

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