Silent’s Gems Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

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  • Add more color to your world with shiny gemstones and light-emitting flowers.
  • Customize your tools! Select a gem with the stats you want, then swap out parts of the head and decorate the handle to your liking. Enchantment Tokens can be used to select the enchantments you want, instead of hoping you get lucky. Make your perfect pickaxe!
  • The Mending enchantment will slowly repair your tools. You wouldn’t want your favorite sword to break, right?
  • Chaos Gems give effects similar to potions, but can be turned on or off at will. They can even allow you to fly!

Other useful tools:

  • The Torch Bandolier stores over 1000 torches, eliminating constant “pit stops” while caving.
  • Get lost often? Take a Return Home Charm with you. It even works across dimensions!
  • The Summon Kitty item will get you a tamed cat. No more chasing ocelots through jungles!




  • Added: Gem/Chaos ores and Glow Roses can now be pulverized.
  • Added: Gem armor. Textures need work, I know.
  • Added: Armor Enchantment Tokens.
  • Added: Recipe to craft Enchantment Tokens back into the blank version.
  • Added: Chaos Coal and Chaos Coal Blocks. Four times the energy of coal (configurable). Crafted with coal and chaos essence.
  • Added: Configurable weights for gem spawns. This allows certain gems to be made more or less common, instead of being totally random like before.
  • Changed: Multiple enchantment tokens can be applied at once. Just put one tool/armor item in the crafting grid and put tokens in any free slots.
  • Changed: Blank Enchantment Tokens now have a meta of 256, instead of 0. This was necessary because Enchantment Token meta values match
  • enchantment IDs. Protection’s ID is 0. Enjoy your free protection tokens!
  • Changed: Enchantment Tokens are ordered by group, instead of meta.
  • Fixed: Version number not being set.

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For 1.6.4

Author: SilentChaos512

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