Sign Ranks Plus+ bukkit plugin 1.7.2

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Promote players with signs, Manage salaries, banks, taxes, prefixes, experience, programmable signs.

Brief Overview

  • Buy ranks, permissions, or inherit a group of permissions simply by right clicking a sign
  • Signs can require money, experience (exp and levels) + More (see below)
  • This plugin is database free, meaning there won’t be any effect of having millions of these things.
  • Create experience banks (for players to safely store XP)
  • Pay players for being online or tax them.



– Mostly database free (locations aren’t stored etc) meaning signs won’t impact performance.
– [Promote] signs
– [Perm] signs
– [Prefix] and [Suffix] signs
– [Inherit] signs
– [xpBank] signs
– [Require] signs
– Programmable signs!
– Using signs costs Money ($) or Experience ( exp or lvl )
– custom uses for a sign (limited edition ranks)
– custom requirements for a sign (e.g. must be a donator)
– Refundable signs
– Safeguards preventing things such as accidental demotions. or buying the same prefix/group twice.

Salary system:

– Salary includes money, exp, and levels and is based off:
– Current balance %
– Current number of players online
– Fixed amount
– Configurable salary interval (1200 seconds = 1 MC day)
– Permission based salaries
– Configurable message when paid.
Trade XP
– /xpp <amount> <player> – Transfer xp to a player in the current map


– A wide range of permissions
– A comprehensive config

Easy to use scripts. (v0.2.0)

– Overview
– Task scheduling
– Script placeholders
– Commands
“What is this ‘feature creeping’ you speak of?”


Usage Examples
Line1 The type of sign goes here. [Promote]
Line2 The item that is being bought goes here Builder
&f: &f
Line3 A cost must go here $15
117 exp
3 lvl
Line4 You can put any requirement here:
Click here for help on requirements.
10 exp
3 days

Below you can see a sign that will promote a player to Builder for 50 exp, and has 8 uses left
Example Sign


– You shouldn’t have to worry about compatability as long as you have Vault.
– For the signs to use money, you need some sort of economy plugin such as Essentials.
– For the prefix sign, you need some plugin that supports formatted chat (e.g. Essentials).
– For the promote signs you need any standard permissions plugin.
– For the inherit signs, the permissions plugin must supports subgroups (e.g. GroupManager)

– Commands
– Permissions
– Configuration guide
– SignRanksPlus+ on GitHub
Want per world economies? Try out: MultiVerse-Inventories
~ I would like to thank Jozeth for his sign protection tutorial.


– Improved Programmable signs.
– Optional command/s to execute if a player can’t pay their tax.
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