SGS Treasure Mod 1.7.10

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This mod adds some adventure to vanilla Minecraft.  Various different types of treasure chests are randomly buried throughout the Minecraft world. The chests require different types of keys to open them.  The more rare the chest, the better the loot.  You can locate an area where a treasure chest is buried by finding and digging under a graveyard. There also are treasure chests in sunken ships. As well, there are rare Wishing Wells generated in the realm.
Note that chests, wishing wells and sunken ships are meant to be rare finds, along the lines of pyramids and villages, however, the spawn settings can be customized from the config file.Will you be the first one to discover Blockbeard’s treasure!

Oh.  If you’re having some trouble discovering a chest or ship, you can always look in the logs – the coordinates are listed there.


Requires Forge to run.


Unzip the .zip file in your ../.minecraft/mods directory.

Known Issues:

Vanilla chests don’t play well with Treasure! chests.  Placing one beside a Treasure! chest will create an overlapping rendered chest with separate inventories.  Placing a Treasure! chest beside a vanilla chest, works as intended.


A Treasure chest in a graveyard.Discovering the entrance shaft to a Treasure chest.
A sunken ship!


Iron Key RecipeGold Key RecipePirate Key RecipeDread Pirate Key Recipe

Download SGS Treasure Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: gottsch

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