ServerSigns Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

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ServerSigns Plugin 1.7.4

ServerSigns (SVS) is a plugin that lets you add messages, player commands and server commands to configured blocks or signs.

By saving the messages and commands in a yml-file ServerSigns will allow you to add as many messages and commands as you like, while still being able to write on the sign normally.


  • No-limit: Unlimited commands per sign
  • Multi-block: Support for any and every block to be a ServerSign
  • Redstone: Config options to allow ServerSigns to be activated by redstone
  • Messages: Shows the messages you put on the sign to the player on use
  • Player-commands: Executes the command as if the player typed it in chat
  • Server-commands: Executes the command as if it was used from the server console
  • Delayed-commands: You are able to run any command or message with a delay (from seconds to months)
  • Queued-tasks: All SVS tasks are handled in a separate queue thread, which also tracks tasks queued for a certain player joining
  • Grant permission: Let players execute commands with permissions you specify with the ServerSign
  • Economy: ServerSigns can cost something & remove items from inventories
  • Xp: ServerSigns can cost levels of experience
  • Custom messages: ServerSigns allows for entire customisation of messages shown in-game via config
  • Assistance: The help pages for ServerSigns are updated for each and every version, for easy usage references.
  • Multi-role: You can mix several types on one sign e.g. Send messages, execute server commands, and execute player commands, etc.

Please note that version 2.6 and above will notify you when a ServerSigns developer joins, this is so you’re aware of who we are when we join, and we can help you with any issues you may be having with ServerSigns as quickly as possible.

If you run into bugs or have feature requests, please use the ticket system at the top of the page

Install ServerSigns Plugin 1.7.4

  1. Download the latest version of ServerSigns
  2. Save or copy the latest ServerSigns.jar to the plugins folder
  3. Start your server. This enables svs and creates the default configuration file.
  4. Alter the languages.yml to change any messages and alter the config.yml to change any settings


  • Version 3.0 – The Big One
    • Added new QueueHandling system
      • Queue handled on a separate server thread
      • New queue order logic means commands are always executed in the correct order
      • Much more efficient & greatly extended delayed task handling (delay up to 10 billion months)
        • Commands can be delayed for seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months
        • Use the old [d:X] system, adding s/m/h/d/w/mo to the end of X. For example: [d:10] would have a 10 second delay, and [d:25h] would have a 25 hour delay
        • If a player is offline when a command needs to be executed on them, it will execute it the next time that player logs in
    • Removed messages sent to players on log in if ServerSigns message tags are different to default
    • Made Vault a requirement for permission based features
    • Improvments to PriceItem – Warning: Price Items made before 2.8 will be broken with this update. Run version 2.9.1 first if you have this problem.
      • Price items can be set based on item in hand with /svs pi hand
      • Supports more meta data, also improved the “/svs pi <args>” command for setting price items manually
    • Added PriceItem “search criteria” feature which allows admins to set whether or not ServerSigns will ignore the following when searching for matching price items: lores, names, enchantments. Each can be set separately, so could be set to ignore enchantments, but still check names and lores
      • Command: /svs pic <ignore item enchantments?> <ignore item lores?> <ignore item name?>
    • Added /svs copy persist which allows admins to copy a sign and paste it multiple times without any extra commands (disable with the same command)
    • Added /svs setcancel which allows you to set whether the PlayerInteractEvent for the interaction should be cancelled when the sign is activated. (True = cancelled)
    • Added Config option “must_be_sneaking_to_destroy” – If set to true, admins must be sneaking to destroy ServerSigns
    • Fixed bug that caused pressure plate ServerSigns to spam their attached commands
    • Wide-spread code cleanup & reformatting
    • Too Many tweaks and improvements to mention

Download ServerSigns Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.4

For 1.6.2


  • CalibeR50
  • Exloki
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