SecurityCraft Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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SecurityCraft Mod

It adds a load of new content to secure your house with


Laser tripwire:

When you place two laser tripwire blocks within 5 blocks of each other with no blocks in-between, it spawns a laser between the two blocks, and when you walk through it, the two source blocks give out redstone power.

How it looks like:

When you walk through it, it gives off redstone power:


When you place the keypad block, the first time you right-click it, it opens a setup screen which allows you to setup your passcode for that specific keypad. After you hit that button/ right-click the block after that first time, it allows you to enter your passcode. Once you type it in correctly, it closes the GUI and gives out redstone power for 3 seconds.

How it looks like:

The setup screen:

The keypad screen:

An active keypad:


After placing the mine, any entity that walks on it (besides a creeper, cat, or ocelot), including players,will
automaticaly get blown up. You can not place the mine on flowers, cactus, glass, or air.

How it looks like:

The explosion:

Install SecurityCraft Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  2. Download SecurityCraft Mod
  3. Put SecurityCraft Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create it
  4. Done



  • Fixed portable radar crash on servers.


  • Added Reinforced Iron Fencegates.
  • Fixed alarm texture not showing on the bottom of the alarm.
  • Mobs can now activate the laser block’s redstone power.
  • /sc command fixes.
  • Laser blocks can now only be broken by the owner using the Universal Block Remover.
  • Password-protected chests can now only be broken by the owner using the Universal Block Remover.
  • Fixed crash when you press the “0” key on a keypad (when on a server).
  • The was fixed, it should now work with the #NotEnoughMods bot on EsperNet.
  • Messages sent through /sc contact or /sc bug now shows up in the user’s chat.
  • The portable radar’s delay between searches are now configurable.
  • The laser block’s range is now configurable.
  • Fixed retinal scanner bug which let other users use the scanner.


  • Bug-reporter bot now pings me in IRC even if I’m away.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load this mod on a server.


  • Added username logger.
  • Added security camera (WIP (50% done), NYI).
  • Added retinal scanner.
  • Added EMP (WIP (80% done), NYI).
  • Added password-protected chests.
  • Added optional recipes for keycards lv 2 and 3.
  • Added recipes for buckets of fake water/lava.
  • Added hacking animation for codebreaker.
  • Added buckets of fake water/lava.
  • -Added option to have the mine create a smaller explosion when detonated (found in config file).
  • Added much more config file options.
  • Added /schelp command for block/item description.
  • Fixed SMP compatibility.
  • Fixed crash when placing a track mine.
  • Fixed untextured gui when using a remote mine access tool.
  • Fixed bug that prevents a owner of a reinforced iron door from removing the door with a door remover if he quits Minecraft, and re-joins.
  • Fixed reinforced iron bars occasionaly changing back to standard iron bars.
  • Fixed duplication bug when using a door remover against a reinforced iron door.
  • Fixed door remover only working on the top-half of a reinforced iron door.
  • Fixed laser blocks’ removing other blocks in between each other when creating the laser.
  • Changed the amount of reinforced iron bars recieved when crafting it from 8 to 4.
  • Removed fake water/lava items (replaced with buckets of the liquid).

Download SecurityCraft Mod

For 1.8

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

Old version

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Credits: Geforce132

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