SecretPotions Bukkit Plugin for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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SecretPotions Bukkit Plugin 1.6.4

This plugin allows you to use these effects!
What this simple plugin does is that it allows you to apply any potion effect to yourself or to another player on the server, through a command. The plugin also supports most of the permission plugins.


* Apply any potion effect to yourself or to any other player online on the server.
* Apply any potion effect to all online players with single command.
* Also apply the hidden effects that you might have never seen/used before.
* Very lightweight plugin.
* Supports many permission plugins.
* Only the user of the command sees “effect applied” message, not the target.
* Choose the duration of the potion effect on command.
* Choose the level of all potion effects on config file.


* /spt – Displays all the following commands and their descriptions ingame.
* /sptall – Applies any potion effect to all online players.
* /spt removeall [player] – Removes all potion effects from the player.
* /spt blindness [player] <duration in seconds> – Creates thick black fog around the player and prevents sprinting and critical hits.
* /spt nausea [player] <duration in seconds>- Causes the view to wobble.
* /spt jumpboost [player] <duration in seconds> – Allows the player to jump higher.
* /spt waterbreathing [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes air meter to be constantly full while underwater.
* /spt resistance [player] <duration in seconds> – Reduces all incoming damage.
* /spt miningfatigue [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes arms to swing slower and blocks break slower.
* /spt haste [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes arms swing faster and blocks break faster.
* /spt fireresistance [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to become immune to fire and lava.
* /spt slowness [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to move slower.
* /spt speed [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to move faster.
* /spt strength [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to deal increased melee damage.
* /spt instantheal [player] <duration in seconds> – Heals the player the same amount as normal health potion does.
* /spt instantdamage [player] <duration in seconds> – Damages the player the same amount as normal harming potion does.
* /spt regeneration [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to regain health over time.
* /spt hunger [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes food meter to deplete faster.
* /spt weakness [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the player to deal decreased melee damage.
* /spt poison [player] <duration in seconds> – Deals damage over time.
* /spt invisibility [player] <duration in seconds> – Causes the entity model to disappear.
* /spt nightvision [player] <duration in seconds> – Increases brightness.
* /spt wither [player] <duration in seconds> – Deals damage over time and hearts turns black.

Permission nodes

  • secretpotions.* (for all permissions)
  • secretpotions.removeall
  • secretpotions.jumpboost
  • secretpotions.haste
  • secretpotions.miningfatigue
  • secretpotions.resistance
  • secretpotions.waterbreathing
  • secretpotions.nausea
  • secretpotions.blindness
  • secretpotions.fireresistance
  • secretpotions.slowness
  • secretpotions.speed
  • secretpotions.strength
  • secretpotions.instantheal
  • secretpotions.instantdamage
  • secretpotions.regeneration
  • secretpotions.hunger
  • secretpotions.weakness
  • secretpotions.poison
  • secretpotions.invisibility
  • secretpotions.nightvision
  • secretpotions.wither


  • Updated to v2.0!
  • Bugfixes
  • Changes
  • Duration moved from config to the command. Example for 60 seconds blindness: /spt blindness RoopeFI 60
  • Added messages when you apply potion effect (only the command sender will see it): [SecretPotions] Potion effect Blindness has been applied to RoopeFI

Download SecretPotions Bukkit Plugin

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2


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