Screamer Bukkit Plugin 1.7.4

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Screamer Bukkit Plugin 1.7.4

What does Scare do you say?

Scare will let your victim experience the scariest thing EVER!
When executed, the victim is shown a scary image and the server plays a very loud scream.

How does it work?

Well, unfortunately this plugin only works with a custom resource pack. (also cool without, but less scary)
It contains an image and a sound file.
when the command is executed, the plugin places a pumpkin on the victims head for 4 seconds and plays a loud scream.
The resourcepack contains an edited version of the pumkinblur.png file which is replaced with this image:

Also, it plays the wither death sound which is edited to be a loud scream.

Commands and Permissions

  • /scare                   || See the help menu                    || Permission: screamer.use
  • /scare <player>   || Scare the player you targeted || Permission: screamer.scare
  • screamer.block to block scares from people!
  • screamer.return to send scares return to sender!

Planning features:

  • Force resource pack without confirming
  • Maybe add function which doesnt require a resourcepack!
  • Add config file

Download Screamer Bukkit Plugin 1.7.4

For 1.7.4

Author: jkctech

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