RussoulConstructor Mod 1.7.10

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RussoulConstructor Mod 1.7.10

Constructor is an addon / API user of the great mod – ForgeMultipart, made by chickenbones .

THIS MOD REQUIRES the LATEST ver of RussoulCore to operate !!!

So here are some pics:

  Firstly create a Block Absorber. This item is capable of storing one type of block each by a way of pieces/parts

                         Block Absorber

        Part Manager (see changelog) (hopper in the fifth slot):


        Then make a saw from ForgeMultipart and place it in the second slot of a crafting grid,

        choose a material(it should not contain any data, like chests, and it should be opaque) place it

        in the fifth slot and finally  Block Absorber in the eighth. You should have got yourself a Block

        Absorber, containing some parts in it. You can hover over it to see some info about what parts

        you have and what block you use. You can have 4096^32 parts max in one Absorber.

        To place a part right click an empty block space, like this:


This will consume 32 block parts from your absorber.

Now try to modify the block you’ve created. To do that right click it holding left control


“Translation” is your current mode, “X” is current axis

Use mousewheel to perform an action



Hold shift while performing an action to increase the speed.

Press tab to choose between diferrent options axes or sides (for scaling).

Press grave to cycle through modes: translation, rotation, scale.


You can place these parts all in one block !

Remove a part with left Alt + right click.

More stuff is coming: mini-machines, rotators, translators, animators, redstone ! Whole bunch of cool stuff.


For 1.7.10

Author: Russoul

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