Ruby Obsession Mod 1.8

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This is a little addon for Loot++ that adds, of course, rubies! And lots of things to do with them.

This is meant to be an example of all the things that Loot++ can do in 1.8. It adds everything using simple files and a built in resource pack. No code required.

To install this mod addon, you need to download Loot++ first here!

Anyway, here are some of the features:

There are two ways to get rubies…

Ruby Ore will generate underground a bit more commonly than diamond ore, and at a similar height (20 or below).
However, in deserts and savannas, rubies are twice as common, so those would be good places to look for them.


Secondly, you can grow them as a crop. To grow them, you need ruby seeds, which you can only get from ruby flowers, which will randomly generate in your world in plains-like and forest-like biomes. You can craft these flowers into seeds, and plant them in tilled ground.


When grown, you can right click the crop to harvest a ruby sliver, which you can craft 9 of into a shattered ruby shard. Smelt that to get a ruby shard, and craft 9 ruby shards to get a shattered ruby. Finally, smelt that to get a ruby.


So now you’ve got rubies… So what do you do with them? Well for starters, you can make a nice little collection of tools and armour. They have about the same attack strength as diamond, but are a bit less durable.

Wearing the full set of ruby armour will protect you from fire damage (but not lava, so still be careful)!

You can also create some ruby apples, which give similar effects to golden apples, but using health boost instead of absorption. And you can craft some ruby apples into a cake, which will give you the same effects.

There are lots of decoration blocks as well. Even ones that interact with redstone.

The ruby button and pressure plate stay pressed for twice as long as a stone pressure plate and button, making them perfect for those pesky iron doors that never stay open long enough. The pressure plate is only triggered by players, much like obsidian pressure plates from other mods. It will only output 1/16 of it’s power per player, so if 16 players stand on it at once, it will be at full power.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a ruby crafting table and furnace. The crafting table doesn’t do anything different from a regular one except look awesome, but the furnace runs faster and is a bit more fuel efficient.

Install Ruby Obsession Mod

  • First download and install Loot++ for 1.8, version 1.0 or higher. Get it here.
  • Run the game once with Loot++ installed, and it should create a folder in your minecraft directory (the same place as the mods folder) called addons with a folder Loot++ inside it.
  • Take this download and put it inside the Loot++ folder mentioned above.
  • You should be good; enjoy the rubies!

Download Ruby Obsession Mod

For 1.8

Author: Tmtravlr

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