Router Reborn Mod 1.7.10

Router Reborn Mod


It will transfer or extract items to/from any connected inventory.

Upgrades available:
Item filter: Allows you to black list or white list up to 9 items, It also gives you the option to ignore metadata (damage value)
Machine filter: Allows you to blacklist or white list machines to extract/transfer items from/to, Visit near option available.
Speed: In a large network this will make it skip any full inventory or machine that don’t match in the filter more quickly, increasing speed in large setups.
Bandwidth: Will transfer 1 stack at the time.
Thorough: Will finish filling one machine before moving on to the next.
Eject: Allow you to eject any items extracted from a machine to a chest or any other inventory next to the router.



  • Removed Ender quarry ASM as it was not working as intended.


  • Added flood light, uses light emitting airblocks that should not interact with pipes, plants or act any different then normal air blocks,  will light up the area below it, no maximum, tested with lightbeams up to 200+ blocks without any fps impact, does not tick

Download Router Reborn Mod

For 1.7.10

Old version

Author: TomEV


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