RotaryCraft Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4/1.5.2

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RotaryCraft Mod 1.7.10

The mod includes a “handbook” of sorts with detailed info on all the machines, engines, and so on, but here is a very brief rundown:


  • DC (Redstone)
  • Wind Turbine (Elevation and lots of open space)
  • Steam (Water + heat)
  • Gasoline (Ethanol)
  • AC (Redstone Clock + Magnetized Core)
  • Performance (Ethanol+Additives+Coolant)
  • Hydrokinetic Engine (Falling Water)
  • Microturbine (Jet Fuel)
  • Gas Turbine (Jet Fuel)


  • Shaft – transmits power
  • Gearboxes – adjust torque/speed ratio; require lubricant
  • Bevel gears – redirection
  • Clutch – gated shaft
  • Dynamometer – outputs the value of transmitted power, speed, and torque
  • Shaft Junction – merge/split shafts and their power
  • Flywheels – store energy
  • Worm gear – get a huge increase in torque, at the cost of a lot of speed (more as the speed goes up)
  • CVT – programmable gearbox
  • Industrial Coil – it is to shaft power what a capacitor is to electricity, storing it for later use, or “charging” to release a powerful burst


  • Boring Machine – dig tunnels of various shapes
  • Bedrock breaker – dig bedrock (not layer 0)
  • Floodlight – create beam of light for as long as unobstructed
  • Fermenter – turn plant matter into sludge, which can be turned into ethanol
  • Grinder – self-explanatory, plus turns canola seed into lubricant
  • Heat ray – create beam of fiery death for as long as unobstructed
  • Pumps – pump up liquids to a more convenient location
  • Potion Aerosolizer – kind of like a beacon, but more powerful and can disperse blended potions
  • Light Bridge – cross any gap without having to sneak-bridge the whole way
  • Extractor – get extra material out of the same ore
  • Pulse jet furnace – Melt obsidian into blastproof glass, melt down iron/steel items/blocks back into ingots, and make steel more efficiently
  • Auto Breeder – Automatically breed animals
  • Bait Box – Attract animals and mobs, or repel them
  • Compactor – compress coal into (eventually) diamond
  • Fan – Blow entities around
  • Firework Machine – Give it crafting items and it will create a random show
  • Fractionator – make jet fuel
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar – See the structure of the caves below
  • Heater – Warm up machines or just burn mobs
  • Obsidian Factory – pipe in water and lava, and get obsidian
  • Pile Driver – dig a hole straight down through anything in your path
  • Player Detector – sends out a redstone signal when a player is nearby
  • Spawner controller – adjust the spawn rate of a monster spawner, or shut it down entirely
  • Sprinkler – water crops, or put out fires
  • Item Vacuum – suck up items and experience for later use
  • Woodcutter – cut down trees far faster than with an axe
  • Mob Radar – detects mobs in a square area around it, at any depth
  • Smoke Detector – sounds the alarm if it detects fire
  • Coil Winder – wind a coil, as a sort of battery for portable power
  • Projector – wallpaper projector
  • CCTV – security cameras
  • Blast Furnace – how to start making steel
  • Flooder – like WorldEdit’s //fillr
  • Cave Finder – use sonar beams to locate cave networks
  • Chunk Loader – keeps chunks loaded to keep machines working
  • Music Box – like a MIDI-powered jukebox
  • Sodium Iodide Cannon – control the weather
  • Force Field – protect yourself against everything, even the Wither
  • Item Refresher – keeps nearby items from despawning
  • Mob Harvester – kills mobs quickly and efficiently, and gives you drops normally only given by direct kills
  • Railgun – the ultimate in defence, it can kill anything in one hit with a large enough projectile
  • TNT Cannon – send TNT at a specified angle and speed, or target a location
  • Scalable Chest – chest with an inventory that gets bigger as more power is given, up to a maximum of 560 slots
  • Firestarter – start fires in the surrounding area, either as a defence/offence weapon or to clear trees
  • Magnetizer – magnetize shaft cores for use in the AC engine
  • CCTV screen – view the output of CCTV cameras
  • Containment field – a complement to the Force Field, think of it as a “cage” for mobs
  • Freeze gun – targets mobs and freezes them solid (without hurting them).
  • Steel purifier – for converting other mods’ steel into my own
  • Laser Gun – another long-distance defence weapon; akin to a pivoting Heat Ray
  • Item Cannon – long distance item transport
  • Land Mine – set a trap for players or mobs, and add special effects (like poison, flame, or chaining) as you desire
  • Friction Heater – run a furnace without fuel, and even speed it up


More screenshots:

Installation RotaryCraft Mod

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • DragonAPI: Simply add the .zip to the /mods folder.
  • RotaryCraft: Add the to the /mods folder.
  • RotaryCraft and DragonAPI do work with MagicLauncher – simply add both as External Mods.

The mod has a config file that can be used to change the Block and Item IDs, and a number of other properties of the mod. For example, one can specify the maximum range of the floodlight, light bridge, heat ray, and so on, whether to play engine sounds, whether the woodcutter should cause trees to fall or just disappear, and more.

One word of warning: Changing IDs of existing worlds is likely to cause lost machines at best and world corruption at worst (ClassCastException crash).

Download RotaryCraft Mod

For 1.7.10

For 1.6.4/1.6.x

For 1.5.2


RotaryCraft Mod!L9JXmY4b!erpM1hI5NfJRlL_VoZwx1kSXTr9_RU5dVmWbBvBMM3o

For 1.5.1


RotaryCraft Mod:

For 1.4.7


RotaryCraft Mod:

Credits: Reika

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