Rival Rebels Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

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Rival Rebels Mod 1.7.10

The weapon holds the power of the Redstone Rods, that it uses as ammunition, to destroy mobs and players by tearing the bodies apart like lego pieces. Please note the laser cannon is a short range, crowd control type of weapon that dismembers Zombies, Creepers, Endermen, Skeletons, Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, Slimes, Witches, Magma Cubes, etc. etc. but NOT animals. This weapon only hurts hostile mobs, even from other mods as long as they are not animals.
The weapon has a highly advanced in-hand render, and shows best at NIGHT/DARK. This is because the contrast becomes greater, and the red in the energy barrel stands out against the darkness. Also note its animated reloading mechanism, and how the redstone rods in the inventory get depleted when used in survival mode.
To fire the Ein-Sten laser, hold down the trigger until the weapon warms up and discharges a barrage of laser projectiles that will make your enemies pop like popcorn. Also note that when the opponents are using RR armor a large amount of shots are necessary to break it and pop the player.
Player limbs will keep the user’s skin, and body parts will remain for a few seconds before de-spawning.
The Ein-Sten also ignites the time bomb, C4 and regular MC’s TNT when fired at.



v1.6.4A release


– Ein-Sten Laser weapon 3D model.
– Laser projectile.
– Redstone Rod.
– Empty Rod 3D model.
– Ammunition Rod depletion system.
– MC Mobs body fragmentation system.
– Player’s body fragmentation system.
– Custom mob’s body fragmentation system (from other mods).
– Explosives ignition when fire at with laser .
– Automatic config file inspection and deletion upon update.
– New items translation to 8 languages.
– 666 evil decal.
– Smart camo inventory texture.
– RR second inventory tab.
– Recipes for new items.
– RodolRivalRebels config file auto-overwrites upon updating.


– Weapon crate drops the Ein-Sten.
– Ammunition crate drops the Redstone Rods.
– All weapon were balanced in reference to RR armor strength.
– Bunker is built using pliers.
– Hacker Class kit got the Ein-Sten.
– Hacker Class kit got 2 Redstone Rods ammunition.
– Hacker Class kit now gets 2 ammunition crates instead of 3.
– Deprecated omega & sigma blocks were removed from the inventory but not deleted.
– Deprecated omega & sigma bunkers were removed from the inventory but not deleted.
– Deprecated reset block was removed from the inventory but not deleted.
– Landmine damage was increased.
– Army shovel breaks redstone ores.
– Rebel Rod Disk kills skeletons.
– Camo block is more resistant to explosions.
– Mines are no longer easy to break.
– Many sounds were beefed up.


– Close files to stop server memory leak.
– Fixed Cuchillo size when holding in hand.
– EntityGore null pointer AbstractClientPlayer texture finding bug.
– /reset all & /roundstop commands now work for OPs only, as originally intended.
– We don’t talk about fight club.


For 1.7.10


For 1.6.4


Credits: Rodolphito


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