Restaurant Plugin for Servers 1.8

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Restaurant Plugin for Servers 1.8

Restaurant is a plugin that will eventually allow you to create restaurants where players can sit down, purchase food, and have villager waiters get their food! Currently this plugin is only for takeout! It’s an Alpha version of the plugin, because it is not yet completed!

Quick Info

Restaurant is a plugin made by WD_MUFFINFLUFFER for user Fusive You can find his request page here:

This will work with craftbukkit, spigot, or whatever that utilizes the bukkit API.


  • /Restaurant | Displays all restaurant commands
  • /Restaurant takeout Menu | Gives players a takeout menu that can be configured in the config file!
  • /Restaurant table <set/unset> | Sets the takeout table that the food is delivered to (Must set table while facing a stone pressure plate)
    • Suggested table setup: Stone pressure plate above fence post. Looks the best!


  • None yet

More to come

I will be adding many features in the future! Right now this plugin is a demonstration of what is done so far!
Works well with

These are some plugins Restaurant would work well with

  • Chairs plugin: To let players sit down in stairs by their table!
  • Citizens plugin: To create NPC’s in a Restaurant in the background, walking around/talking to players! Adds a nice effect of reality. Great for Chefs/Entrance Welcomers!


  • Listed in each files bug area! Please report bugs!

Download Restaurant Plugin for Servers 1.8

For 1.8

Author: MuffinNetwork

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