Repair Sign bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4

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Category : Bukkit plugins

Developer : ldrrp,DJenkinsVD

Compatible : Minecraft 1.6.4

The RepairSign plugin provides easy to use repair locations to help improve the user experience from a general perspective. Before making the purchase you can check trough an invoice station how much its going to cost and get a detailed list of all prices for each item. You can even go as far as to change the default pricing for all items in the config.



Estimate Armor Sign: Estimate Sign:
Repair Armor Sign: Repair Sign:
Salvage Value Sign: Salvage Sign:

Future Of RepairSigns

Do you have any ideas? I would love to hear them, feel free to open a ticket and I will try my best to get as many ideas completed as I can!

Salvage Explained

Salvage works much like the reverse or repair, the formula used to calculate the amount is a reverse of the repair. It uses the same config values for repair with one difference, The multiplier. After the number is calculated you can set the multiplier to give them exactly the number calculated (1) or a bit extra for example 1.5. When an item is salvaged it is taken from the player and is gone forever, and they are paid from either the server account or just given money out of the blue based on your config.

Other Settings/Config

View Comments here on config

  • Set server payment account
  • Set server profit percentage
  • Set individual item prices
  • Set enchantment multiplier costs
  • Enable/Disable debug commands
  • Salvage multiplier
  • Add your own items.
  • Add more levels.
  • Custom colored signs!


Requires Vault for Permissions Allows you to create estimate signs Allows you to create repair signs Allows you to create salvage signs
repairsign.use.estimate Allows you to use a estimate signs Allows you to use a repair signs
repairsign.use.salvagevalue Allows you to use a salvage valuesign
repairsign.use.salvage Allows you to use a salvage signs
repairsign.color Allows you to change the config color settings
repairsign.reload Allows you to reload the plugin configuration
repairsign.debug Allows access to the debug commands
repairsign.update Shows a message to user when an update is available.


Debug must be enabled for debug commands Alias /rs [command]

/repairsign color [1 or 2] {color} Allows you to change the config color settings.
/repairsign reload Reload the plugin configuration file.
/repairsign repair DEBUG: Repair item in hand
/repairsign damage DEBUG: Damages item in hand by 10 for testing
/repairsign armor DEBUG: Repair armor
/repairsign dupe DEBUG: Duplicate item in hand


Vault – Economy+Permissions

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Download Repair Sign bukkit plugins 1.6.4

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