Region Manager bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.2

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Category : Bukkit Plugins

Developer : lirtistasya

Development stage:Release

Tags: Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools

Date created: Mar 18, 2013

Version 1.4.0

Have you ever got the problem that you have had to define too many WorldGuard regions – so many you thought you won’t be able to finish until the end of time? Then RegionManager is the tool of your choice! By using it you can define loads of regions using one command. As well as that, RegionManager adds region trading and management features, making it easier for administrators to look over regions and players to add or remove players to/from their very own region. Including an in-game configuration editor, this plugin is the server administrator’s first choice.


  • generate regions (16*127*16)
  • auto-generating regions
  • buy and sell regions
  • exclude regions from sale
  • re-include regions to sale
  • mark sold/bought regions
  • update notifications
  • in-game config editor

Planned Features

  • localized/custom messages
  • auto-dispossessing regions owned by players who have been offline for a given time

leave a comment to suggest features.


  1. place RegionManager.jar in your server’s plugin folder
  2. adjust user’s permissions using a permissions plugin of your choice
  3. (re)start the server
  4. configure RegionManager via the in-game configuration editor (/rm config)
  5. start using RegionManager


grants all permissions of RegionManager
default: op
children:,, regionmanager.broadcasts, regionmanager.regions.*, regionmanager.admin.*
grants access to /rm
default: true
grants access to /rm help
default: true
allows receiving broadcasts from RegionManager
default: false
grants all regionmanager.regions permissions
default: false
children: all permissions starting with regionmanager.regions.
grants access to /rm info
default: false
grants access to /rm exclude
default: false
grants access to /rm include
default: false
grants access to /rm generate
default: false
grants access to /rm buy
default: true
grants access to /rm sell
default: true
grants all regionmanager.regions.manage permissions
default: false
children: all permissions starting with regionmanager.regions.manage.
grants access to /rm list
default: false
grants access to /rm add
default: true
allows you to add players to regions you don’t own
default: false
grants access to /rm remove
default: true
allows you to remove players from regions you don’t own
default: false
grants access to /rm flag
default: false
grants access to /rm lock
default: false
grants access to /rm unlock
default: false
grants all regionmanager.admin permissions
default: false
children: all permissions starting with regionmanager.admin.
grants access to /rm clear
default: false
grants access to /rm save
default: false
grants access to /rm reload
default: false
grants access to /rm config
default: false


Command Description
/rm shows information about RegionManager
/rm help shows all commands
/rm list [player] shows regions of a player and if the player is member or owner
/rm info [region] shows information about a region
/rm buy buys a region
/rm sell <price> [region] sells a region
/rm add <player> <type> [region] adds a player to a region. <type> can be either member or owner.
/rm remove <player> [region] removes a player from a region
/rm flag <flag> <state> [region] sets a flag state (use reset as state to reset the flag)
/rm lock locks a region
/rm unlock unlocks a region
/rm generate <radius> [<x> <z> <world>] generates new regions. <x> and <z> are the x and z coordinate of the chunk you want to use as mid point
/rm exclude [region] excludes a region from sale
/rm include [region] reverts /rm exclude
/rm clear <region> clears a region
/rm save saves all RegionManager files
/rm reload reloads all RegionManager files
/rm config <option> [value] displays or changes a configuration option

for permissions, see Permissions

For 1.6.2:

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