Recurrent Complex Mod 1.7.10

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Recurrent Complex Mod 1.7.10


Feature Overview

  • Have additional structures generate in a newly generated world
  • Add any number of structures to the automatic generation
  • Export and import structures (between worlds)
  • Easier building with special tools and commands
  • Add randomized chest content to generating structures
  • Generate structures within other structures
  • Design complete 2D and 3D mazes



  • New: More (12 natural generation, one in stone mazes) and improved (walls, abandoned houses) structures!
  • Change: Structure files are now called rcst, and inventory generation component files rcig. The format itself did not change. This is backwards compatible.
  • Change: Structures spawn less often by default now (by popular demand!)
  • New: Literals (by quotes) are now supported by expressions (e.g. “Ice Mountains” = Ice\ Mountains)
  • New: You can now use the scroll wheel in table views
  • Fix: Spawn command tile entities no longer crash with null weights
  • New: /paste and /pastegen now support rotation and mirror values
  • New: Structures can now have limited instances (like vanilla strongholds)
  • New: French translation! (Thanks Mazdallier)
  • Change: disabledStructures, forceEnabledStructures and disabledMods are now gone, in favor of universal structure load and generation expressions
  • Change: The ruins transformer now supports more blocks
  • Change: inventory generators now load from active and inactive folders as well, and they are disableable with load and generation expressions
  • Change: Some GUI improvements (especially with the ‘Save in /active’ buttons).

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Author: Ivorius 

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