Recipe Expansion Pack 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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Recipe Expansion Pack 1.7.2

The “Recipe Expansion Pack” mod is a public Work-In-Progress (Alpha) mod that adds new items and and recipes to minecraft. I put a large emphasis on making these items and recipes add logical features that make sense with the world Minecraft is set in. The current version of the mod (v 0.1.2) adds new items such as Wooden Buckets, Compost, Quivers, Flag Poles, White Fences, and Clear Glass. The mod also adds recipes in addition to items, these recipes include ones that allow players to easily create grass blocks, mossy cobblestone, flint, and ice blocks. If you are interested in seeing items/recipes that are planned for the future releases look at the bottom section of the post.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Download the installer for the latest “recommended” release.
  • Step 3: Run the installer (the file should be a .jar)
  • Step 4: Download this mod (When downloading over never click anything but the skip ad button. Some recent ads try to trick you into clicking them and thus downloading the wrong thing.)
  • Step 5: Click the start button in your windows operating system, and then go to run.
  • Step 6: In run type %appdata% and click enter.
  • Step 7: Click the .minecraft folder and then click mods
  • Step 8. Drag “RecipeXPack_vX.X.X.jar” file you downloaded earlier into the mods folder.
  • Step 9: Launch minecraft (making sure you are running off the Forge profile)
  • Step 10: Enjoy!

Item Information
This following section gives detailed descriptions of what each new item does, and how it is obtainable or created.

Grass Seeds
Grass seeds are a new item that is used to easily create Grass Blocks. They currently have the same texture as seeds (See the Help Wanted Section) making them easy to mix up, however, they are a completely different item and will not stack. In order to get a grass seed simply right click a grass block (that is on the ground) with a shovel of any type in your hand. This will change the grass block into a dirt block and drop seeds. Also, please note that when you use your shovel to get the seeds, durability damage is done to it and loses durability just as if you used it to dig.

Wooden Bucket
Wooden buckets are designed to make farming come quicker early game and to make it easier to carry mass amounts of water around. Wooden buckets can only hold compost, water, and milk though, no lava. However, they are quite cheap to make (see Recipes) and stack to 16.

Flags & Flag Poles
The newest version of this mod adds flags and flag poles. Flag poles are two blocks tall and can be created from a Base, Truk and Pole. The recipes for these are at the top. There are currently 3 rectangular shaped flags, (red, green, and yellow) more will come with the next update which will also include triangular flags.

Compost is a new item that this mod adds. There are a total of ten different recipes to create compost (See Recipes), five using Wooden Buckets, and five using Iron Buckets. One bucket of compost can be used on 6 different plants. After a plant is composted there is a cool animation (if particles are turned on) and a use of the bucket is deducted. Compost can currently only be used on Wheat, Carrots, and Potatoes (more will be added soon). Compost doubles to triples the harvest of the plants, making it very handy when used in addition to Bone Meal.

The quiver is designed to increase the efficiency of how arrows are stored. The first quiver you will make will only be able to hold 64 arrows. Which is not anymore efficient than simply storing the arrows in your inventory. However, when you use you a quiver, your bow pull back speed is quite fast, much faster than in vanilla minecraft. As you get more leather you may want to upgrade your quiver to store more arrows. A quiver can be upgraded a total of two times. The first upgrade increases storage capacity to 128 and the third to 192.

Now you may be wondering how to place arrows in a quiver, in order to place arrows in a quiver simply right click on the ground with arrows in your hand while you have a quiver in your inventory. The arrows will be removed from your hand if there is enough space in the quiver and then placed. Eventually I will create a more professional looking GUI for the quiver that will offer more advanced features. When you upgrade a quiver though you will loose all the arrows in it. So in order to keep them you will need to remove the arrows from the quiver before you upgrade it. To do this simply right click the ground with a quiver in your hand. This will drop the arrows inside of the quiver on the ground.

Known Bugs
This list includes bugs in the current release of the mod (right now version 0.0.6) If you notice any bugs that you can replicate. Please report them in this topic by posting descriptively and coharently what makes the bug occur. When every new version of the mod is released all bugs in this section prior to the release will be fixed and this list will be cleared.

Download Recipe Expansion Pack 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Author: Glorfindel22

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