RealWeather Plugin 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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RealWeather Bukkit Plugin 1.6.4

This plugin makes game more dangerous than before. It extends weather and its effects. Everything is based on temperature which is calculated via many functions. It also checks where the player is. Lot of variables are configurable (damage, dealays between damages, armors, etc.).

How does it work:

Plugin can be divided into few parts.

  1. Weather – There is specific weather for every day and can be completely configured to fit your needs. RWEditor is really useful in this. Weather affects temperature in world, causes rain and storm in specific weather. (Ex: STORM, SUMMERSTORM, …). Example of what may happen: It is BLIZZARD. Temperatures are really low and on ice mountains, as well as othere icy areas, it can be dangerous without winter clothes.
  2. Temperature – There is really complex algorithm that calculates temperature for each player on the server. Effects can be disabled via permissions. Temperature depends on: biome you are in, time (night – cold, day – warm), height from sealevel (up = cold), current weather, heat sources around player and in hand. Practically everything mentioned here can be configured. Then it decide what to do next. If it is cold it checks players equipment and decide if he has to receive damage or not. If temperature is high you start being exhausted, clothes can reduce effect as well. You can replenish stamina in water, but only in high temperature. You can also drink pure water from bottle.
  3. Thirst – It is simple, you lose your stamina faster.
  4. Jungle – I love this one. Traveling in jungle was really boring. But what if you get poisoned? Poison as “poison” is quite rare (5%). Other effects: blindness, confusion, slow, weakness. The base of this function is in tall grass around. Without it, it does nothing.

Current Update status(1.6.4 for 1.6.4-R0.1):

Overall status – 100%

Ice block removed – 100%

Revert to Java 6 – 100%

New internal module system – 100%

Exhaust + Slow – 100%, Freeze – 100%, Jungle – 100%, Refresh – 100%, Thirst – 100%, Weather – 100%

Configuration rework to fit module system – 100%

Localization rework to fit module system + UTF-8 in modules – 100%



New in 1.6.4: “Modules” update…

  • Fix: Updated for new MC version (1.6.4-R0.1).
  • Add: Modules. Everything is now in modules.
  • Add: Player slow can be disabled.
  • Add: Command /rwadmin walk <name> – resets player walk speed to default.
  • Info: RealWeatherHUD will be available with MCP 1.6.4 release!
  • Info: IceBlock DELETED, really!
  • Info/Fix: UTF8 localization is working ONLY in modules, core is not supporting UTF8 yet!

ImportantLocalization file is reseted after version update and old one is saved in plugin’s folder.

House Recognizers

  • simple – checks only block above you, used by default in desert
  • default – checks square with you in center and side((CheckRadius*2)+1).
  • cross – At first checks four directions(North etc.) in heigh of eyes then aquired rectangle with maximal side lenght((CheckRadius*2)+1)

Known bugs

  • System can’t recognize if you are in a house and CheckRadius reaches outside where is no roof -> It thinks that you are outside. -> Partialy fixed in “cross”: Still missing system for “L”-shaped buildings. I have algorithm written on the paper so now only transport it into plugin.



  • Fix: Updated for new MC version (1.6.4-R1.0).
  • Add: Auto-reporting errors. Can be disabled in config.yml. More on main page.
  • Add: Players in bed get bonus heat: configurable in Global.yml
  • Fix: Minor fixes.
  • Info: RealWeatherHUD will be available with MCP 1.6.4 release!
  • Info/Fix: UTF8 localization is working ONLY in modules, core is not supporting UTF8 yet!

Download RealWeather Bukkit Plugin

For 1.6.4

Old version

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: TheCreezo

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