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Rarest Seed 1.7.10/1.7.9 Ever


This Seed contains Three Villages, a Temple w/ Diamonds & Rare Enchanted Books, Rare Biomes such as: Mesa Biomes, Ice Spike Biomes & More! Finally this seed has a Stronghold!

Seed contains:

  • An Amazing Plains Biome Spawn
  • 1st NPC Village w/Blacksmith (Contains chest loot)
  • 2nd NPC Village (Contains Farms, Food, Mountains & More)
  • 3rd NPC Village w/Temple (Desert Temple Inside Village)
  • Desert Temple (Contains Diamonds, Enchanted Books & More!)
  • Mesa Biome
  • Ice Spikes Plains Biome
  • Mushroom Biome (On a Survival Island)
  • Abandoned Mineshaft (Contains Diamonds in Chest)
  • Stronghold w/End Portal

Seed ID: -529234241

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