Random Things Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Random Things Mod

This mod doesn’t really have a topic, it’s just a compilation of different blocks and items that i needed while playing. 1 Example would be the Player Interface that allows you to connect your own Inventory to for example an AE-Network.


Drop the downloaded .jar File in your mods folder.

Mod Packs

Ask me for permission in a PM before you add this Mod to any Modpack



  • Added: Ender Letter & Ender Mailbox
  • Fixed: Messages being handled on the wrong side
  • Fixed: Recipe Sorter Error for custom workbenches
  • Fixed: Thread related crashes using the Redstone Interface
  • Fixed: Ender Letters causing the reequip animaton when you put items in them / change the receiver
  • Fixed: Redstone Interfaces overriding the value of each other when they are connected to the same block


  • Added: Lava Charm
  • Added: Lava Waders
  • Added: Obsidian Skull & Obsidian Skull Ring & Obsidian Water Walking Boots
  • Added: Magic Hood
  • Added: Coloring the enchantment glow in the dyeing machine
  • Changed: All Core Mod output is now written to the DEBUG log instead of the INFO one


  • Added: Light Redirector
  • Added: Summoning Pendulum
  • Added: Water Walking Boots
  • Added: Dungeon Chest Generator (Creative only)
  • Added: Imbuing Station (No Imbues yet 😛 )
  • Changed: Linking Orbs now only work if the chunk their Life Anchor is in is loaded


  • Added: Energy Distributors
  • Added: Bloodstone
  • Added: A config option to make bloodmoon spawned monsters vanish at the end of the night (Disabled by default)
  • Added: Config option for the environmental fog in the spectre dimension
  • Changed: Added Spirits to the MFR Safari Net blacklist
  • Update: zh_CN.lang
  • Fixed: Client Crash while looking at an invalid biome capsule
  • Fixed: The Bloodmoon light tint being more pink then red on higher brightness settings
  • Fixed: Souls spawning for non player entitys
  • Fixed: “doMobSpawning” not being respected by a Bloodmoon
  • Fixed: Gintos being completely consumed instead of emptied


  • Improved: Added Semi Transparent overlays to the crafting tables
  • Fixed: The Online Detector now properly updates close blocks when the specified player logs off / in
  • Fixed: The Block Replacer will now properly save its inventory when you have multiple in your inventory
  • Fixed: The recipe for magnetic force works again
  • Fixed: A crash of the Player Interface

Download Random Things Mod

For 1.8


Old version




For 1.7.10


Old version


For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Author: lumien231

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