Quest of Kings Mod 1.6.4

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Quest of Kings Mod 1.6.4

Travel back to a time of knights and their fair maidens.  To a time when chivalry ruled and the knightly code was the standard to live by.  To a land when kings reigned supreme and dragons soared though the skies.  To become a knight and to live by the knightly code was an honor longed for by the people, but only a select few had the opportunity and the will to achieve it.  

Great leaders arose from among the ranks of these knights to lead their people as kings.  Do you have the ability, the opportunity and the will to lead the people? Are you ready to start your quest to become a knight and to set yourself apart from all others until you are chosen one to rule your people as king? 

Start your quest as lowly nomad as you wander in search of a home and some land to call your own.  Once you settle an area and gather resources begin your quest by seeking out the 9 medallion of the code of chivalry.  Find new ores that can be made into strange new metals that are foreign to the people of the land, but will give you the edge you need to battle the mobs that possess the fragments of these medallions. 

MEDALLION OF HONOR                                                                                               
MEDALLION OF KNOWLEDGE                                                                                      
MEDALLION OF LEADSERSHIP                                                                                           
MEDALLION OF TRUTH                                                                                                 

The Medallion can be obtained once you best the mobs which possess their fragments.  The mobs can be found in the four new biomes. 

Scorpion – Fire Swamp Biome 

Rodent King – Fire Swamp Biome 

Prince of Thieves – Dark Forest Biome 

Black Knight Dark Forest Biome 

Giant – Craggy Abyss Biome 

Beggar – Craggy Abyss Biomes 

Yeti (Snow Creature) – Crested Peaks Biome 

White Fang (Snow Wolf) Crested Peaks Biome 

There are several species of nightshade plants throughout the realm, collect them to determine their dangerous and curative powers and unlock the hidden secret within. 

Once you have obtained the medallions you have separated yourself as a knight above all others.  You now have the ability to craft the King’s Medallion. 


Use the King’s Medallions to craft the King’s Armor.  You have now achieved a status that the masses of humanity have only dreamed of.  It is the story that spawn legends.  It is the story of kings so powerful that people flock to them for their leadership. Wear your new armor proudly and lead your people well. 


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Author: GeneralOctavius

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