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Power Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7


PowerCraft is:

  • Intuitive yet powerful industrial mod
  • Ideal for automatic farming
  • Easier than BuildCraft or IndustrialCraft


Show your inventions in:

Texture Pack: http://www.5minecraft.net/sphax-purebdcraft-texture-pack


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge or Modloader
  • Download the ZIP file of this mod
  • Put the .zip into your .minecraft/mods folder
  • Start Minecraft
  • Choose the directory where your browser/download manager save your downloads.Screen of selecting download directory(example in windows 7 using google chrome as browser, same for internet explorer)
  • Now, download the api and the pack or the modules that you want. Example of the downloading screen
  • Click done, and it should be installed.


For 1.5.2

Mod Loader version


Forge version


For 1.5.1

ML version: http://dl2.5minecraft.net/download.php?file=a55c34cdae1fc3d03a5a344222093068

Forge version: http://dl2.5minecraft.net/download.php?file=db7383de0ded51ad559463be1dd64c1f

For 1.4.7

ML version: http://dl2.5minecraft.net/download.php?file=6fdb80ca1fc9e91b1ed66bc7b17fd88e

Forge version: http://dl2.5minecraft.net/download.php?file=9cdc19e690aa67fd8cd18a8eb4810e1e

Credits: MightyPork

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