PortableTent bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4

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PortableTent bukkit plugins 1.6.4

With PortableTent you can now place a tent anywere you go. Just keep the tent in your inventory, and when you need it, just place it! Then a tent will be build, for you to stay in, and survive your night!


  • 1-Click tent creation
  • Customizable Tents. [You can build your own tent, and allow players to build it]
  • Pickup Tents [Shift & Right-Click to pick up a tent if you are op or the owner of the tent]
  • Create Tents Blueprints
  • WorldGuard Support

Installation & Usage

  1. Installation
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Place it on your plugins folder
    3. Open or Restart your server.
    4. Edit the configuration to your needs.
    5. Restart 1 more time
    6. You are done with installation!
  2. Usage
    1. Get the tent by using the command, or by crafting it
    2. Place the tent on an flat surface
    3. Survive the night! <3

Quick Sign Tutorial!

I will change that later, but here is how to create a buy/sell sign.

Line 1. [PTENT]

Line 2. <Buy or Sell>

Line 3. <TentName>

Line 4. <Price>

Bugs & Suggestions

Feel free to submit any bug you find, or suggest ideas.



  • Added short command /ptent
  • Added new command /portabletent delete <TentName>
  • Added new command /portabletent reload
  • Added vault support(Economy)
  • Added Buy/Sell Signs


Download PortableTent bukkit plugins 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


Credits: vasil7112

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