PlotPlus Plugin 1.7.9

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With this plugin you can change time and weather on your PlotMe plot.

If you upgrade from v1.4 or less, you may want to save plots already configured:

1 – copy plots.yml file on your desktop
2 – delete plots.yml in the PlotPlus folder
3 – reload the plugin with the new version to generate an empty plots.yml file
4 – copy/paste the configuration from old plots.yml to the new, following this model

time: 1000
rain: true
time: 15000
rain: true

/pp : To see the version and commands
/pp [time] : Set [time] on your plot (time is in ticks)
/pp resettime : Reset time on your plot
/pp rain : Set rain on your plot
/pp resetweather : Reset weather on your plot
/pp reload : reload the plugin (You need to have plotplus.admin permission)
/pp rate XX : Rate the plot (XX is an integer between 0 and 20)
/pp unrate
/pp info : Get informations about the plot


– plotplus.use : Allow player to use the plugin
– plotplus.admin : Bypass plot owner verification (You can use it on other’s plots)
– plotplus.rate.set : You can rate or unrate the plot
– plotplus.rate.view : You can view informations about the plot

You can choose language by editing the config.yml file

Download PlotPlus Plugin

For 1.7.9

Author: mrkold

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