Player Proxies Mod 1.7.10

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Player Proxies Mod 1.7.10


Universal Interface

Exposes the IFluidHandler and I(Sided)Inventory interfaces from blocks (and some entities), allowing you to remotely access it’s content.

  • Has special code to connect to jukeboxes, minecarts, players and the vanilla enderchest (place an enderchest ontop of the universal interface and link a player)
  • No I won’t add more than fluid handlers and inventories. You can’t plug energy, essentia, pressure or whatever in it.
  • Yes it’s going to be nerfed in a future update (I don’t know how I’ll implement that yet. Probably upgrades ?)
  • It doesn’t work cross-dim (except for players). Maybe I’ll add this in a future update too (another upgrade ?)

Now you’ve probably seen this in other mods already, and this one is pretty op so don’t mind going to the config and disabling it.

Fluid diffuser

Plug a fluid pipe, have fun !
It will apply the fluid effects on the entities around it, it will consume power and the fluid.
Exemple use: Piping MFR milk in will apply the haste effect in a 8 blocks radius

Proximity sensor

I grew tired of placing a computer, labelizing it, placing an OpenCCSensor, pastegetting the startup program for each of my doors. So I made this simple block. It emits a redstone signal if it detects an entity nearby.

You can change the radius by (sneak)-right-clicking a side and you can define what, or who, the block should detect using a link wand.

Biome Scanner, Biome replicator

The biome scanner is just an interface which will give you a few details about where yoi placed it (biome type, temperature, rainfall, etc). It follows forestry’s display for temperature and rainfall.
Additionaly, you can place a Biome signature handler (wither loot) in it to copy the biome you’re in and replicate it somewhere else using the Biome Replicator (requires power)

Yes this is op, and you can disable it in the config.


It emulates a player’s inventory. Which means the items in it /will/ tick.
Exemple use: repairing a TiCon tool, or really anything that requires being in the player inventory to apply it’s effect. (TT’s feline amulet is what made me want this. No more creepers exploding my chests now)

Gravitational field handler

Changes gravity level in it’s field of action.
OpenPeripheral & OpenComputers integration is planned, it’ll allow you to change the gravity level.


This is a complete ripoff from TF shields, of course you can disable them. There is also an option to overwrite the TF shield with this one.
It has only one more feature from the tf shields: it can be locked. Which means nothing will destroy this block until unlocked (you lock/unlock simply by right-clicking the face to lock).
What’s the point of locking ? Well tools that destroy more than 1 block at a time won’t be able to let your evil ennemies penetrate your carefully shielded base.

Fluid Hopper

It’s a hopper. It moves fluids around.

Potion Diffuser

This was part of the fluid diffuser but I moved it to an item. It will auto-drink potions in your inventory. You find these in pyramids

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For 1.7.10

Author: ephys

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