Plant Mega Pack Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Plant Mega Pack Mod

large variety of more than 350 colorful plants to decorate your maps with. Included are flowers and plants from all over the world; from common garden flowers to extremely rare plants found only in exotic locations.

There are over 200 unique species of plants that cover all biome and soil types, providing you with the ultimate in diversity and selection.

Summary of plants:

  • 6 berry bushes (5 produce berries)
  • 11 cactus plants
  • 10 desert plants
  • 9 ferns
  • 180 flowers
  • 9 grasses
  • 9 groundcover (NEW in 2.02)
  • 9 mushrooms
  • 9 leafy plants
  • 18 forest plants
  • 9 mountain plants
  • 27 rainforest plants
  • 9 wetlands plants
  • 27 shrubs
  • 9 spooky plants

Currently, all plants in this mod are decorative and do not generate naturally in your worlds.


Berry Bushes

Berry bushes produce berries when bone meal is used on them. Berries can be eaten directly, or crafted into new food and drinks.

Beautyberry, blueberry, brambleberry, orangeberry, strawberry

Cactus Plants

Cactus plants only grow on sand and they will hurt you if you walk into them.

Armatocereus Matucanensis, Bergerocactus Emoryi, Cereus Coryne, Echinocereus Metornii, Matucana Aureiflora, Neoraimondia Herzogiana, Opuntia Aciculata, Pilocereus

Desert Plants

Like cactus, these plants can only grow on sand. Ever wanted a desert garden? Now you can create one with these plants.

Aliciella Latifolia, Allium Peninsulare, Anigozanthus Manglesii, Dry Shrub, Encelia Farinosa, Fallugia Paradoxa, Gutierrezia Sarothrae, Ocotillo, Sarcobatus Vermiculata


Ferns use custom biome coloring, similar to vanilla, so they look natural wherever you plant them.

Asplenium, Dennstaedtia, Lush, Ostrich, Sword, Woodsia

Multi-color Flowers

These flowers may have up to 13 color variations – add a big splash of color to your gardens and landscape.

Achillea, Azalea, Begonia, Bellflower, Carnation, Celosia, Columbine, Dahlia, Daisy, Delphinium, Geranium, Gladiolus, Hawkweed, Hydrangea, Lily, Lupine, Marigold, Nemesia, Rose, Tulip

Single-color Flowers

These flowers have a single color and can be found in multiple biomes.

Aloe Arborescens, Bergenia Cordifolia, Carduus Defloratus, Chenopodium Quinoa, Echinacea Purpurea, Eryngium Bourgatii, Fuchsia Splendens, Impatiens Hawkeri, Leonotis Leonurus, Lotus Berthelotii, Narcissus Pseudonarcissus, Polemonium Caeruleum, Silene Chalcedonica, Strelitzia Reginae, Taraxacum Officinale, Tiarella Cordifolia, Viola Tricolor, Mertensia Ciliata, Alstroemeria Ligtu, Daphne Mezereum, Daucus Carota, Liatris Punctata, Amsonia Orientalis, Silene Coronaria, Spigelia Marilandica, Kniphofia Uvaria


A variety of grasses, including two-blocks tall grass.

Blue Wheatgrass, Cord Grass, Golden Foxtail, Prairie Grass, Short Grass, Silver Moor Grass, Switch Grass


Some plants and things to fill in those bare spots. These textures auto-rotate based on their location, and will face one of four directions when placed to provide a more random appearance.

Clover, Bright Grass, Dark Grass, Flowers, Ivy, Brown Leaves, Green Leaves, Moss, Twig


New mushrooms to fill up those dark corners of any forest or cave. Currently, these mushrooms are purely decorative – recipes will be added to a future version.

Amanita Phalloides, Cantharellus Cibarius, Clavariadelphus Pistillaris, Clitocybe Nuda, Gomphus Floccosus, Lactarius Volemus, Macrolepiota Procera, Mutinus Ravenelii, Podaxis Pistillaris

Leafy Plants

These plants have no flowers – just leaves. Use these to add contrast to your gardens and landscape.

Alocasia Sanderiana, Solenostemon Scutellariodes, Lactuca Serriola, Nolina Lindheimeriana, Sedum Makinoi, Urtica Dioica, Yucca Pallida, Philodendron Erubescens, Centaurea Cineraria

Forest Plants

These plants typically grow in forests, but like most plants in this mod you can plant them just about anywhere.

Achlys Triphylla, Ajuga Australis, Angelica Genuflexa, Aquilegia Canadensis, Cephalanthera Rubra, Convallaria, Conyza Canadensis, Gentiana Algida, Lamiastrum Galeobdolon, Lycopodium Clavatum, Mentha Arvensis, Monotropa Hypopitys, Sarracenia Purpurea, Spiraea Latifolia, Trillium Decipiens, Erysimum Capitatum, Calypso Bulbosa, Gaultheria Shallon

Mountain Plants

Hardy plants that have adapted to cold mountain ranges, steep cliffs, and high altitudes.

Armeria Alpina, Campanula Alpina, Campanula Thyrsoides, Epilobium Septentrionale, Ipomopsis Aggregata, Iris Latifolia, Leontopodium Alpinum, Polygonum Bistorta, Sempervivum Tectorum

Rainforest Plants

A huge variety of plants to decorate your jungles with!

Aechmea Fasciata, Amorphophallus Bulbifera, Amorphophallus Rivieri, Aphelandra Sinclairiana, Catopsis Berteroniana, Cordyline Fruticosa, Euphorbia Mellifera, Fascicularia Bicolor, Fritillaria Aurora, Fritillaria Meleagris, Guzmania Conifera, Heliconia Pendula, Lycopodiella Cernua, Moluccella Laevis, Pachypodium Lamerei, Richea Dracophylla, Portea Alatisepala, Pachystachys Lutea, Etlingera Elatior, Racinaea Fraseri

Wetlands Plants

These plants will only grow if there is water within one block in any direction, including diagonally.

Asclepias Incarnata, Butomus Umbellatus, Chelone Glabra, Glyceria Maxima, Juncus Effusus, Pontederia Cordata, Schoenoplectus Lacustris, Typha Latifolia


Shrubs of all types from all parts of the world.

Abelia, Apline Currant, Barberry, Boxwood, Butterfly, Cedar Cylinder, Cedar Globe, Cedar Pyramid, Cedar Trained, Cypress Green, Cypress Yellow, Daphne, Eucalyptus, Forsythia, Gardenia, Holly, Juniper, Kerria, Lavender, Lindera, Nandina, Ninebark, Spirea, Viburnum Argentii, Winterberry

Spooky Plants

A set of themed plants for decorating your extra scary worlds. These plants will grow on sand, dirt, grass, soul sand and netherrack.

Large Bat Orchid, Burnt Rose, Devils Claw, Octopus Stinkhorn, Porcupine Tomato, Claw Shrub, Thorn Bush, White Baneberry, Dead Tree



You can eat them right off the bush or craft them into yummy treats – see recipes below.


Berry Recipes

Berry Bowl

Blueberry muffin

Berry drinks

Strawberry delight dessert



  • Added: recipes to craft water chestnut and lettuce into a food
  • Changed: floating water chestnut no longer drops food – must be crafted
  • Changed: floating water lettuce no longer drops food – must be crafted
  • Changed: prickly pear cactus behaves like berry bush: right-click at full growth to harvest
  • Changed: crop plants default drop rate to 50% from 20% – now matches vanilla
  • Fixed: recipe for orange and red stuffed peppers not working
  • Fixed: reset all plants causes crash


  • Added: 45 planters in 4 different styles
  • Added: 15 trellis blocks
  • Added: 4 beach plants
  • Added: 7 forest plants
  • Added: 18 climbing plants
  • Added: 4 hanging plants: ‘tiny’ green foliage 3 ivy vines
  • Added: lots of new food items
  • Added: corn flour, mutton and rice food wraps
  • Added: foliage textures for epiphyte plants
  • Added: plants are sensitive to fire and lava below them
  • Added: moss ground cover can be used to make mossy cobblestone wall and mossy bricks
  • Added: growable plants grow faster on fertile soil
  • Added: vanilla flowers, except sunflower, can be crafted into hanging plants
  • Added: all ferns can be crafted into a foliage hanging plant
  • Added: defoliant powder now works on leaves
  • Added: fertilizer powder changes regular stone bricks to mossy stone bricks
  • Added: defoliant powder changes mossy stone bricks to regular stone bricks
  • Added: lot’s of new food recipes
  • Added: ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ world generation modes
  • Added: worldgen ’empty chunks’ settings – use to create areas where plants don’t spawn
  • Added: config: lists on config screens now respond to double clicks
  • Added: config: accurate hitbox, turn off to use vanilla behavior
  • Added: config: plant block replaceable, default=disabled
  • Added: config: solid bamboo, default=enabled
  • Added: config: solid cactus, default=enabled
  • Added: config: plant particles, for future use
  • Added: config: adjust maximum growth for stackable plants (bamboo and kelp)
  • Added: config: reset all plant settings to defaults
  • Added: config: ability to disable a plant from world generation
  • Added: config: advanced plant powder elevation limit
  • Added: config: advanced plant powder effective underneath plants
  • Added: config: button to enable/disable extra drops – affects all plants
  • Added: screen: generated chests – controls chances PMP’s items spawn in chests
  • Added: screen: generated chest items – select the items/blocks that spawn in chests
  • Added: screen: content: planters – enable/disable by group
  • Added: screen: decorator area plant spawn settings
  • Added: screen: plant locator – find where a plant spawns
  • Added: screen: worldgen – all worldgen stuff starts on this screen
  • Added: screen: worldgen features
  • Added: screen: worldgen coral reef systems
  • Added: screen: worldgen village features
  • Added: verification check of all decorator plants at startup – log file will show any problems
  • Changed: lowered hardness of cactus plants slightly
  • Changed: hanging plants can now attach to underside of cobblestone walls
  • Changed: bamboo rendering
  • Changed: floating flower rendering
  • Changed: you can mix the 2 different rice while crafting cooked rice
  • Changed: corals use gravel sound instead of wood
  • Changed: metal wall bracket rendering and hitbox
  • Changed: crafting medicinal salves use the actual plant instead of an item from the plant
  • Changed: flower color varieties have max. count of 9 instead of 13
  • Changed: Sea Oats moved to beach category from grass
  • Changed: submerged plants and vines now have separate block/item code
  • Changed: some magenta color varieties changed to pink
  • Changed: plant drops are now sensitive to fortune-enchanted tools
  • Changed: plant growth rate is now a percentage of vanilla growth rate
  • Changed: bamboo and kelp plants can grow naturally to a maximum of 30 blocks tall
  • Changed: plant config files no longer have unused settings
  • Changed: default effectiveness of advanced plant powders is now 90%
  • Changed: all recipes using bamboo poles now use actual bamboo plant instead
  • Changed: empty food wrap recipe now shaped and uses 3 ingredients and return 3 wraps
  • Changed: modified recipes as needed for other changes in this release
  • Changed: celery can now be used to craft food wraps
  • Changed: updated tooltips for advanced plant powders
  • Changed: epiphytes now check for a solid face to attach to
  • Changed: wall brackets now check for a solid face to attach to
  • Changed: reworked/enhanced almost all config screens
  • Changed: maximum elevation variance for plant spawning changed to 8 from 16
  • Changed: fertilizer now works on bamboo plants
  • Changed: fertilizer now works on epiphyte plants
  • Changed: plant list on add plant screen is wider – can see all plant names now
  • Changed: main menu buttons – worldgen stuff consolidated into a single button
  • Changed: user decorator settings moved to a subfolder for each decorator set
  • Changed: when adding a plant to a decorator area, the plants list is now re-sorted
  • Changed: add plant config screen no longer displays plants that are already assigned
  • Changed: all stackable plants (bamboo, climbing, kelp) have a minimum growth height of 4
  • Changed: berry/fruit drink recipe
  • Changed: rebalanced hunger/saturation values on most food items
  • Changed: massive amount of adjustments to plants assigned to decorators
  • Changed: default plant growth rates are now 100%
  • Changed: default world generation setting is now 100%
  • Changed: default decorator area settings are now 50%
  • Fixed: some recipes registered even if content settings caused them to never be used
  • Fixed: issues with vines – they are now identical to vanilla vines
  • Fixed: spruce wall bracket cannot be crafted
  • Fixed: wall brackets not decreasing inventory when used
  • Fixed: fertilizer used on crops clones plants at same growth as original plant
  • Fixed: plant powders now work on vanilla cactus and sugar cane
  • Fixed: plant powders now work on PMP cactus
  • Fixed: fertilizer used on saplings now produces particle effect
  • Removed: bamboo poles
  • Removed: color varieties: burgundy, coral, magenta, royal
  • Removed: plant-specific flower and leaf items, except cattail spike
  • Removed: plant-specific hanging plants
  • Removed: optional wall brackets
  • Removed: ‘edge’ decorator files and code – replaced by new decorator area
  • Removed: all ‘sky’ stuff from the mod as it is not needed
  • Devstuff: massive code rewrite for 1.8 upgrade – at least 75% of mod rewritten
  • Devstuff: completely new worldgen code
  • Devstuff: moved decorator default .cfg files from java folder to resources folder
  • Devstuff: internal code to generate .json files automatically for faster development
  • Devstuff: enhanced console/log output
  • Devstuff: review/standardize ore dictionary names
  • Devstuff: reorganize/consolidate many language file entries
  • Devstuff: introduced and then fixed at least 20 major bugs during the upgrade

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Author: 10paktimbits

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