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To use this generator:

1. Download the .exe file and run it

2. Enter a name to use for the world file

3. Wait unti it says “Map generation complete.”

4. Find the folder in the same directory as the .exe with the same name you gave to the world, and move it to your levels folder (%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\saves) if you’re running single player on Windows.

5. Run Minecraft and select the world

6. Play

Updates for V2 include:

* Compatible with Minecraft V 1.2.5

* Uses the full map height (256) – Now twice as much space for planets!

* No more ugly outer wall – the map is surrounded by a moat of open air too wide to see across.

* Now the nether has planets too! If you travel to the nether in a Planetoids map, it’s made up of a different set of nether-specific planetoids.

For this initial V2 release I’ve turned off some of the options for varying map density. I’ll add them back in later if people really want them.

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