PixelPets Plugin 1.7.4

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PixelPets Plugin 1.7.4

What is this?

After setting up a plugin workspace two days ago and learning a lot, I have made and published my first ever plugin, so please bear with me. Basically, Magma Cubes are still hostile but you can tame them, level them up to make them grow and pick them up and carry them round with you.





How does it work?

• To tame a cube, give it a Ghast Tear.
• For a chance to make your cube level up, give it a Magma Cream. There is a one in (Cube Level) x 64 chance of it leveling up, so it is difficult.
• To pick your cube up, right click it with a bucket.
• To place your cube, empty the bucket onto the ground (by right clicking).
• To teleport tamed cubes in the same world as you, right click a blaze rod.

How do I install it?

• First of all, you will need a Bukkit server, since it is a Bukkit plugin.
• Download the file and upload it to your plugins folder on the server
• Restart the server or login to it and execute /reload.

What’s next?

• Riding your cube(s).
• More ways to level them up.
• Custom textures!

I love this thing!

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• You may use the plugin as it is, but not modify the source code.
• You may make reviews, as long as they link back to this page.

Download PixelPets Plugin 1.7.4

For 1.7.4


Author: ThePixelPony

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